Barbed Top 10 for Christmas: best decorations and gifts

Barbed Top 10 for Christmas: best decorations and gifts

Christmas is a few days away now, the streets have been illuminated for a month or so and the lovely smell of mulled wine and spices is everywhere. The Nordmann fir trees we've ordered arrived in store at the beginning of December, filling our showroom with the smell of pine.

If you’re looking for last minute presents and like the items and pieces of furniture we store at Barbed, but need help to decide what decorations and gifts to get for your home and your loved ones (and yourself!) we’ve made a quick list for you:

Barbed Top 5 Decorations

1) Robins

Small or big, our robins will bring a lively touch to your interior and enchant your guests. Our felt robins are available in different sizes, with the smaller ones ideal to place on your Christmas tree and the bigger ones perfect on a window seal or on a piece of furniture for a Christmassey atmosphere.

2) Walther & Co House Lanterns and decorations

Walther & co brass crowns at BarbedWhat is best than a lovely lit house at Christmas? Our zinc candle holders created by Danish designer Walther & co are absolutely delightful, shaped like houses and available in different sizes. Moreover, whether you prefer round or square houses, we have a variety of beautiful zinc houses that will help you create a warm, festive atmosphere in your home.

3) Ester & Erik Candles

Ester & Erik candles are the epitome of luxury candles. These gorgeous candles are available in all Christmassey colours, from gold and silver to red and green, but also in various other colours such as pink, yellow or purple if you prefer something different. These candles will look amazing on your Christmas table, and can burn safely all day or all night long as they are meant to extinguish themselves naturally after burning slowly.

4) Wreaths

Creating a wreath yourself is one of the best things about the Christmas period, but not all of us has the time, patience and practice to make stunning wreaths. So if you don't have time or the right materials for the perfect Christmas wreath to decorate your Christmas table, we have some lovely wreaths just for you!

5) Reindeers and Penguins

What can we do with birch ply? Reindeers and penguins! Add a Nordic twist to your décor with these lovely decorations, wintery yet not too Christmassy if you like the holiday cheer but are looking for something a tad different. Flat-packed, both the reindeers and penguins are easy to store for next year, and easy to send by post to friends as gifts. The Alpine Reindeer decoration is available in 2 sizes, 28cm x 57cm and 34cm x 57cm, and would look great on your Christmas table or next to your Christmas tree. The penguins are sold on their own or in sets of 12 in different sizes, from small enough to fit in a postcard to extra-large, 18cm x 30.5cm; depending on the dimension they can be great on your Christmas table, under the tree or as a special gift with your Christmas cards!

Barbed Top 5 Gifts

The most difficult thing when you do your Christmas shopping is finding the perfect present, unique and original, for the person who already has everything. So here are some ideas of gifts you will be remembered for:

1) Concrete designs and candleholders

Concrete candleholders at Barbed in BarnesIf you’re after simplicity and aestheticism, you will be charmed by Weight Here, a range of Scandinavian candleholders inspired by original candelabras and chamber candlesticks. Modern and strong, the candleholders are inspired by the rough Scandinavian outdoors, while bringing light your indoors. We cannot deliver the concrete candleholders due to their weight, but we’d be happy to welcome you in store for you to discover them.

2) Garden Hoses

Every gardener needs a garden hose, and every fashionista or design enthusiast dreams of a fashionable garden hose. Available in pink, grey and black – Candy Crush, Graceful Rock and Black Swan – our garden hoses are just that: useful and fashionable at the same time. You can mix and match colours for the hose, hose nozzle and mount, and if you want a gift that's even more exceptional, you can add to the garden hose our antlers-shaped wall mount.

3) Ohlala Watering can

The ohlala watering can is the perfect item for gardeners who only have a balcony, or have plants to water inside their home. This soft, circular watering can created by Spanish designers is available in petroleum blue, light green, purple, yellow, grey and red. This designer accessory is both handy and pretty and is a great addition to the interior of any plant lover. It is so charming that you will be proud to show it among your plants, instead of putting it away. Who said a watering can couldn't be great as a decoration?

4) Fatboy beanbag

Comfortable and relaxed are adjectives that can fit the Fatboy beanbag and anyone sitting on it. Indeed, the beanbag is ideal for lounging around, placed in a corner or as a 'centre piece' depending on the overall layout of your interior. It doesn't take much space and can be great fun for kids and adults who like to sit casually. Order online or see instore.

5) Kinta Homeware

Looking for Fair Trade and useful gifts? We offer – in store only – home accessories by Kinta which will make perfect presents for environmentally-conscious friends and family, while being of great use in the kitchen. Every item, from plates to salad servers, is imported from Africa and the Philippines and is a symbiosis between local products and Western designs. Sustainable methods and natural materials are used, with the local environment in mind. Furthermore, Kinta trades according to Fair Trade principles, which means no child labour, no discrimination, fair pay, and dignified working conditions.

Kinta homeware at BarbedWe hope we helped with your last minute Christmas shopping, don’t hesitate to come and visit us for products that aren’t available online. And if you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas tree, we have some beautiful Nordman Fir Trees grown in Dorset in organic pastures, maintained and cared for throughout the year and shaped to perfection. Brought directly from the farm for maximum freshness, the trees are available from 1m up to and over 3metres, so come into our Barnes showroom to view our selection, and we’ll deliver your tree for free if you live in the vicinity!

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17th December 2013
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