Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik

Barbed is proud to be an agent for United Kingdom and Eire for Ester & Erik Candles, the Danish family run company. 

Ester & Erik have been producing the quality candles since 1987. All of the candles are made in Denmark from the highest quality pariffin wax using a traditional dipping technique. 

  • They dont drip unless left in a draft
  • They burn with a steady flame.
  • They burn slowly, are odourless, allergy-friendly and emit no soot.
  • They self-extinguish when they get to within a couple of centimetres. This means that they won't damage ceramic or glass candlesticks

Ester & Erik do their utmost to create the most beautiful candles on the market. A candle, like a candlestick is a product of design and they combine craftsmanship and design to create more than just candles.

The candles are available in over 80 colours. All colours can be supplied in either a standard matt finish or a shiny laquered finish in a variety of styles and sizes – tapers, cones or pillars. They also make three metallic colours - Gold, Silver and Champagne.

These candles are not sold via our website but are available at selected retailers. 

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