Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik

Barbed is proud to be an agent for England, Wales and Northern Ireland for Danish family firm Ester & Erik Candles. 

Ester & Erik have been producing top quality candles based on centuries-old methods since 1987. All of the candles are made in Denmark and are the result of a time consuming process in which each individual cotton wick is dipped in liquid paraffin until it reaches the required thickness.

This traditional dipping technique combined with the best raw materials offer tangible advantages:

  • The candles burn with a steady flame.
  • They burn slowly, are odourless, allergy-friendly and emit no soot.
  • They self-extinguish when they have burned down.

Ester & Erik do their utmost to create the most beautiful candles on the market. A candle, like a candlestick is a product of design and they combine craftsmanship and design to create more than just candles.

The candles are available in over 70 colours, with either plain or lacquered finish in a variety of styles and sizes – tapers, cones or pillars.
These candles are not sold via our website but are available at selected retailers. 

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