Fatboy carpets

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Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet
Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet
INSTANT ATMOSPHEREInspired by authentic Kelim and Persian carpets, reinvented by Fatboy. Featuring unexpected detailing and beautifully faded patterns the Non-Flying Carpets create instant atmosphere with a typical Fatboy twist. If you’re looking for a design to fit your garden terrace our Mediterranean tile inspired Non-Flying carpets might be your perfect match.Thanks to the Non-Flying Carpet’s...
Fatboy Picnic Lounge CarpetFatboy Picnic Lounge Carpet
Fatboy Picnic Lounge Carpet
Secure it to the ground with the four giant pins, slip your sunshade through the special hole in the middle, and you’ll be set for a long, lazy day in the sun. A handy little pouch tucked away behind the Fatboy logo will keep your keys and phone discreetly safe and close at hand. And when it’s time to head for home (or if you don’t like sand everywhere), simply brush off the sand with the Picnic...