This Xmas at Barbed: Scandinavian Chic!

Scandinavian Christmas at BarbedIf you've been out the house recently, you've probably noticed that Christmas is upon us, considering the Christmas songs that are being played regularly, the opening of Christmas markets on our streets, and the fact that the Spirit of Christmas Fair is sadly already over for another year. With Christmas being in a little over a month, you may have already started to look for the perfect gift for your loved ones (with our help, maybe?), but have you started thinking about how to decorate your home? Barbed’s Christmas will be Scandinavian chic in 2014, so follow our guide and create a unique, festive atmosphere in your home this holiday season - especially useful if you’re the one hosting Christmas this year!

Brighten up the ambiance with:

Star Lights

Stars have a particular meaning at Christmas, so guide your guests to your home with our lovely star lights! Coming straight from Denmark, these gorgeous stars are made of powder-coated steel and look fantastic either hanging in windows or from the ceiling to cast their Christmas spell over your home.Scandinavian star lights at Barbed in Barnes

Ester & Erik Candles

Looking at an Ester & Erik candle is akin to loving it. These candles are hand-crafted in Denmark and beautifully made, mixing tradition and safety to fit the needs of the modern world. What’s more, we’re now selling some of the collection online, so if you want a Rustic Pillar Candle for instance, you can buy it now and get it delivered straight to your home without having to come to our Barnes showroom (although we’d love to see you there!).Ester & Erik Candles at Barbed

Floor and Table candelabras

What better than a candelabra to put the Ester & Erik candles in the spotlight? The table candelabra, with its 66cm height, allows you to illuminate your Christmas dinner the old-fashioned way, and the arms can even articulate to your liking. However, if you plan to have your table too full with food to allow for any extra decorations, the floor candelabra offers a fantastic alternative! At 125cm tall and light enough to be easily moved anywhere you like, this candelabra will certainly prove to be a valuable item to have this Christmas.Candelabra at Barbed in Barnes

Walther & Co products

Walther & Co artfully uses natural materials and draws inspiration from all around the world to create tea light lanterns, candle holders and Christmas tree decorations that look equally as enchanting all year round. Brass, zinc and mother-of-pearl are the main materials used for these products, and the resulting finish adds an ethnic, global and modern bohemian style to your interior.Walter & Co Tealight holders at barbed

Warm up the rooms with:

Reindeer hides from Finland

Candles can help you warm up a room, but a more efficient way to do so is to use what nature created: hides, and more particularly reindeer hides. Reindeer farms are common in Finland, where reindeer meat features in traditional meals, and our Finnish reindeer skins come from ethical farms, ensuring the animals were treated humanely. Reindeer hides offer natural warmth and protection against the cold, while giving a unique, luxurious look to your home.Reindeer hides from Finland at Barbed

Premium Sheepskin Cushions

If you prefer to have something from closer to home, however, sheepskin has similar properties to reindeer hides, offering natural protection against the weather. Our premium sheepskin cushions will give an extra touch of style to your sofas and chairs, and are great to snuggle up to or to rest your head on if you’re looking for some extra warmth while 'chilling'.

Decorate away with:

Christmas tree bases

For a quality Christmas tree, look no further than our Nordmann fir trees: they smell lush, and they do not drop their needles, making for an attractive foliage and less cleaning up to do after Christmas! Once you have chosen your Christmas tree – they arrive on 28th November in Barnes and will only be available in store - you can make sure it remains stable with a Christmas tree base. Ours are available in two sizes, both with a luxurious red finish, and have 5 legs to ensure extra stability and safety while adding some extra flair to your Christmas tree.xmas tree bases

Vintage decorations

Once your tree is standing tall and proud, you can decorate it with everything from home-made baubles and garlands (who hasn’t created Christmas decorations at school and brought them home to put them up on the Christmas tree?) to hearts and crowns. If you need some more Christmas decorations, be it for your tree, your table or just your home, feel free to browse our Christmas shop where you’ll find plenty of items, from candle holders to table decorations, including charming candle ring wreaths. If you come to our showroom you will also find felt penguins and reindeer, a sleigh to put presents in and many other quirky items to make this Christmas a special time, and one the family will always remember.Christmas decorations at Barbed

We hope we’ve given you some ideas to help you decorate your home with a Scandinavian twist this Christmas. Don’t forget, our online collection is just a fraction of what we have available in store, so call into our Barnes showroom for more Christmas inspiration to help you get into the holiday spirit! If you’re following our decoration advice we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share pictures with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages!

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