Barbed Seasonal Selection: Top 5 items to keep warm this autumn

Barbed Seasonal Selection: Top 5 items to keep warm this autumn

The weather is definitely colder and Bonfire Night is just round the corner so now is the time to tell you about our seasonal selection to make autumn and winter enjoyable and forget the cold.

Our outdoor selection

We specialise in outdoor furniture so let's start with what we know best and our favourite ways to keep the winter at bay and the comforts of a cosy outdoor area. To feel warm and get the joyful feel of a beautiful fire burning in a fireplace, here is our selection of firepits and torches to allow you to make a fire burn safely in your garden:

1) Dancook Firepit

Dancook firepit at Fermob
Dancook offers Danish quality and style, for beautifully designed and manufactured firepits and barbecues. The Dancook Firepit is the perfect accessory to make your outdoor space a second home, and it will allow you to make a safe bonfire on Bonfire Night, as the outside of the firepit remains cold to the touch. Safety comes first!

The Dancook Firepit is multi-purpose and can be used as a barbecue, table or even drink chiller in summer with some clever accessories which you can find alongside the Firepit on our online shop and in our showroom.

2) Cast Iron Firepit

If you believe that things were better in the past, or that at least some things were better, then this Cast Iron Firepit is for you. This Firepit transpires a certain “good old time” feel that we love. It can be used as is, at ground level, or sunken into the earth. Or if you prefer raised on a pedestal that’s possible too, and it will make it easier for you to light the fire and more of a feature in your garden. Our cast iron firepits are available in 2 sizes to fit your outdoor area better. We know that although durable, cast iron can rust, but a few easy steps can help you maintain your firepit and protect it longer from the elements. The cast iron firepits are only available in store, at least at the moment, so feel free to pop by and see them for yourself whenever you wish!

3) Fermob torches

Fermob, our favourite French outdoor furniture manufacturer, has created delightful garden torches, available in 5 colours (Nutmeg, Verbena Green, Carrot, plus Aubergine and Fuchsia available to order). You can either stick them directly in the ground, or use a torch base depending on your soil (or lack thereof, if you have a cemented patio for instance). Fermob’s garden torches are available in 2 sizes, 145cm (57 in) and 165cm (65 in), and we are happy to offer them in both our online shop and our store in Barnes.

Our indoor selection

Sheepskin throw cushions at BarbedWe may be the Outdoor Furniture Specialists, but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate when we discover great products or good design to create a cosy home, on the contrary! We have found exclusively for our customers lovely wool blankets, cushions, reindeer skin and sheepskins that can make you feel cosy just by looking at them, while adding luxury and a touch of nature to your home. They are now available in store and you are more than welcome to come see them, and above all feel their amazing softness! Also, since the skins are all natural, each one has unique hues and it is important to see them for real to find the tones that will suit your interior best.

1) Danish Wool Blankets

These throws are woven from un-dyed pure new wool from Scandinavian sheep. To keep it natural, no dyes are used in the manufacture of these charming 140 x 240cm throw cushions, which are machine washable and available in greys, taupes and browns. From £60 one of these throws can be yours today!

2) Reindeer Skins, Sheepskins and Cushions

Reindeer skins at BarbedWe are really happy to offer these high quality reindeer skins from Finland, where reindeer are commercially bred and every part of the animal is used ensuring that they are farmed in a positive way, hence the quality of the hides. Our natural reindeer skins are soft and gorgeous. If you’re looking for a luxurious addition to your living room or bedroom, from £145 a reindeer skin can be yours. If you prefer sheepskin or lambskin we have some beautiful ones from £90 in store. If you love the look of these but prefer more of a simple addition to your decor try velvety, natural cushions with a twist for a couch, a chair or as pillow for your bed; come take a look at our sheepskin cushions.

From some old favourites like the Dancook Firepit and Fermob torches, to our latest luxurious arrivals in the form of reindeer and sheep skins and cushions, we’re pretty confident you can find at Barbed the little something extra you desired to make your autumn exceptional!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
1st November 2013
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