The Multiple Store: Collectible Editions

The Multiple Store: Collectible Editions

Our Pop-up shop adventure is coming to an end, and we're entering our last week at NEO Bankside. On this occasion we have invited Nicholas Sharp, Director of The Multiple Store to tell us more about the collectible editions featured in our pop-up shop.

Multiple Store - our work and purpose

We were really pleased to be asked to show our limited editions as part of the BARBED Pop-up shop at Bankside (till 27 October).

The Multiple Store was started back in 1998 at the height of the YBA ('Young British Artists') era. We commission and sell limited editions by top contemporary artists. When people think of 'limited editions' they normally think of PRINTS, but we produce sculptural objects and other works in 3D. We are the only organisation in the UK who specialises in 3D editions (although don’t be surprised to hear we have a few prints too!).

Our limited editions

Liliane Lijn - Liquid Koan
Our editions are typically quite small in number (mostly under 50)

An example is this edition of 30 by Liliane Lijn who is one of the artists shortlisted for the next Fourth Plinth pieces for Trafalgar Square.which means that they appeal to people who want their collection to grow in value.

Over the years we have worked with some of the top British artists: Turner Prize nominees Fiona Banner, Anya Gallaccio, Langlands & Bell, Cornelia Parker and Alison Wilding; as well as other internationally known artists like Keith Coventry, Peter Liversidge and Simon Periton.


Table Tops by Fiona Banner for Multiple Store available at Barbed
In addition to offering something different for collectors, we are also keen to enable the artists we commission to experiment with materials and processes they may have not have used before. As an example, Fiona Banner had never worked with ceramics before she created Table Tops, a series of hand-sized full stops in seven different computer fonts. This edition was bought by New York’s Museum of Modern Art for their permanent collection. You will find large scale bronze versions of Table Tops on the Thames near the London Mayor’s office.

Where can you see Multiple Store collectible editions?

Rose by Graham Fagen for Multiple Store
You can see editions by these artists at the BARBED pop-up shop until 31 October; also at Multiplied Contemporary Art In editions fair at Christie’s South Kensington 18-21 October, where we will also be launching two new editions, including the Rose pictured here, a new edition in bronze by Graham Fagen.

If you are interested in what we do, come and see us at the Barbed Pop Up Shop, and feel free to sign up for our email list via the Multiple store website!

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21st October 2013
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