Serralunga: enlightened designs

Serralunga: enlightened designs

At Barbed we are happy to present our latest manufacturer; Serralunga whom we introduced in further depth at our pop-up shop at NEO Bankside. We have had the opportunity to show a selection of the Serralunga range in Barnes, but having a grand space at NEO Bankside has presented the ideal location to show off some of the best pieces that this creative design company has to offer. Serralunga is an Italian outdoor furniture company which specialises in illuminated sculptures and planters, and so much more. They have 5 generations of knowledge and experience so let us tell you they have the expertise and know what they’re doing!

Planters for interiors and exteriors

We know that Italians are famous for being passionate about life, and it may sound like a cliché but Serralunga clearly pours this passion into everything they do and completely embodies this in their company ethos. With such a broad collection we are able to present some dynamic designs like the New Wave, aesthetic, eye-catching with sculptural lines. A master in manufacturing products in roto moulded plastic Serralunga manages to get the most out of the materials they use. Serralunga planters are created as single pieces, which ensures better quality, as there are no small parts, just a beautifully presented finish!

A sculptural play on scale and proportion

Serralunga DadoWhen we say Serralunga creates bold planters, we must add that they aren't just limited to these single products. Creating countless types of over scaled sculptures and lamps perfect for both indoors and outdoors, they all have in common the passion and diversity injected into each collection. Serralunga commissions some of the world's top designers who have the vision to bring the contoured and sculpted lines into pieces like the Flow from Zaha Hadid, the Top Pot by Ron Arad and leading British designer Ross Lovegrove presenting the New Wave. These creative minds see outside the square and their fluid approach to the design process brings their expression to these designs, merging together the usability of a product with sheer beauty of design. Is it a seat, planter, light or all of the above? We also love the mixture of Italian, English and French names given to the Serralunga creations, a further infusion from the architects of these pieces. Think of the Bonheur Piantana (“happiness lamp”) go hand in hand with the Dado (“die”, like in dice), the Paloma (“dove”) and the Miss Jane.

Illuminated sculptures in various colours

Serralunga Missed TreesWhat makes Serralunga planters and sculptures even more exceptional and innovative is that they’re illuminated. They can therefore help create a magical atmosphere in your garden with this somewhat unexpected exterior lighting, since you don’t generally expect your planters to be illuminated! Serralunga pieces are offered in an extensive range of colours, and selected pieces are available in LED with remotes, which represents over 64,000 colour combinations of light. We just melt in front of the ever changing hues of the Paloma or the gentle glow of Missed Trees, wouldn't you?

Serralunga in Barnes and at NEO Bankside

If we’ve whetted your appetite and you want to see for yourselves our new delightful products by Serralunga and decide if they are indoor or outdoor pieces to you, please feel free to come to our shop in Barnes or to our Pop Up Shop at NEO Bankside in central London (right behind the Tate modern) which is running until the end of October. Open 7 days a week from 11:30am - 6:00pm.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
4th October 2013
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