Top 10 Tips for a brilliant Garden Party

Top 10 Tips for a brilliant Garden Party

The weather seems to be holding and we're settling into a nice British summer. No one knows how long this will last, so why not enjoy the outdoors by inviting your friends and family at the weekend for a garden party? Here are our Top 10 tips for your Garden Party to be a success!

1) Invite the right number of people

The size of your garden will reflect how many people you can invite: if you have a smaller garden think about a cocktail party; a great opportunity to chat and enjoy canapés and summer cocktails in the evening sun. Although summer and nice weather are an invitation to sit on the grass, if you have a larger garden make sure you have some outdoor furniture; use chairs or benches so you can fill your garden with guests and enjoy what an English Summer has to offer. Fermob, the epitome of garden style, pops up into mind when it comes to garden furniture. Plus to make things easier we have a special offer on the Floreal table with Bistro Chairs - buy this set and you are all ready to go!

2) Choose a theme and colour palette

Lilac Snooze deck chair special offerWe love the new colour trends featured in the latest Elle Decoration, of subtle greys and rosey tones. These soothing yet sophisticated hues are great to put fashion in your garden and would be a brilliant garden party theme. Add these hues with a stylish relaxing chair and take advantage of our additional offer on the Lilac Snooze Chairs. Moreover, Fermob can certainly deliver if you want grey and pink furniture to go all the way with your party theme!

3) Find a nice table setting

We have many outdoor tables to offer, and we leave decorating them to you. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas, and you’re sure to find something that appeals to you in their Table Settings page.

4) Use cushions for a relaxed atmosphere

If you like moving things around, you can use zoning to create new areas in your garden just for the time of the party: a dining area with tables and chairs, and a lounge for people who prefer to be more relaxed. Accessories such as throw cushions are perfect to create a space for your guests to lie down on the grass, or something the kids will love.

5) Outdoor lighting: partying after sunset

Fatboy Edition Cooper Cappie Lampshade
Candles will bring you a lovely atmosphere and add a nice ambience to your party. However should you prefer lighting that can be used on the table or placed around the garden, the Fatboy Edison the Petit Lamp is great, small and handy, with 6 hours of autonomy – almost long enough to last until morning! Furthermore, we have just received the Fatboy Lampshade collection, a durable cover which you can place over the Edison Lamp - what an easy way to add colour and texture to these fantastic lights and to your party! Check our exterior lighting section to see which lamps would suit your needs best.

6) Get some food!

All these preparations need good food to go with it. Salads are great in this season, and finger food is always appreciated as it’s easy to eat, say, when you’re sitting on a cushion on the floor, relaxed and stress-free. Why not visit our showroom to see our range of homewares to make serving our party food that little bit easier?

7) What about a BBQ?

Dancook Firepit with handleYou certainly saw this one coming: is a garden party really possible without a barbecue? The Dancook firepit is a great traditional charcoal BBQ with a twist, and the Eva Solo Grill is a brilliant gas alternative. We also have some brand new arrivals, just contact us for more information. Check our blog for BBQ recipes and to know which is best, charcoal or gas BBQ.

8) Don’t forget the drinks!

Think about some fun lemonade for example? Served with lots of ice and mint in jam jars to fit in with your garden theme, something the kids as well as adults will love. Pink not your colour? A refreshing summer beverage like the Mojito is always a success and can be made without alcohol for those who are driving. If the sun is out, make sure you have plenty of water available as it will help you stay hydrated, but if you want to avoid sunburns, you may want to keep a sunshade or a parasol at hand to protect your party against sun rays.

9) Organise activities

It’s always good to have some activities organised or ready to keep your guests entertained; think , crocket, badminton, pétanque or even garden boules if you have a nice big garden. Using the swimming pool if you have one or sunbathing can also be great activities for a relaxed garden atmosphere, so make sure your sun loungers are outside!

10) Be ready to go indoors

Well, we hope you can have a lovely garden party in your garden, but should the sun play shy and the rain invites itself to the party, make sure you are ready to bring the party back inside your home! What matters is to be together with your friends and family so no matter what the weather is like, we’re sure you’ll have a great time!

We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions, and to see your pictures if you’ve done a garden party, so don’t hesitate to join us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

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21st August 2013
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