Using exterior fabric in your outdoor area, part 2

Using exterior fabric in your outdoor area, part 2

We already mentioned last month how furniture made with exterior fabric may be better under the sunshine than metal furniture. It stops you burning yourself on hot metal and can feel nicer to relax in. One blog was not enough to talk about all the furniture manufacturers we like who have some furniture made with outdoor fabric. Almost all of our manufacturers could be mentioned in this new blog post, but we'd like to concentrate on one of our favourite manufacturers: Cane-line. Cane-line furniture is dirt repelling, weather resistant (UV, water, frost...), high quality and most are made with Cane-line Tex® - a coated polyester sling fabric, or with Cane-line Rope, which is thermoplastic fibre, thus bringing a practical and contemporary style to the world of outdoor furniture.

Cane-line Tex®: a dream outdoor fabric

Mix & Match Cane-line Diamond rangeCane-line knows how to make designer outdoor furniture; a leading material is Cane-line Tex®, a brilliant outdoor fabric that requires very little maintenance not to say none at all! Just like for any other furniture, if you wa extend its lifespan a little care is recommended but Cane-line furniture is designed to withstand the elements; for instance the Conic lounge can be left outdoors all year round. During winter periods you can simply cover your Cane-line furniture so they’re safe from wind, snow or wildlife. After rain and when you don’t use your furniture, just put your cushions upright to provide maximum air circulation and drainage. If you ever want to clean your furniture use a soft cloth and soapy water.

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the brand new Conic range which is part of the 2013 collection or you prefer some of the previous creations such as the Diamond range with pieces like the Diamond Lounge chair, you know how comfortable Cane-line Tex® is. Cushions are also made with QuickDryFoam which, as the name tells us, don’t stay wet for long. We can say the same about I Am Carpet, an outdoor carpet (also a great and durable option for indoors!) which is made with Tex® too.

Cane-line Rope: for a different style

Cane-line Edge range
Not everyone likes fabric for their outdoor furniture and that’s totally understandable. If you prefer your garden furniture to be mid-way between contemporary and traditional, the Danish manufacturer can deliver too, with its Edge range. The Edge chair is a perfect example of how Cane-line masters the art of weaving: it has an aluminium frame and owes its lovely style to its Rope design, bringing an interesting aesthetic to the collection.

Like the Edge style but would like more colours? Try the Acapulco chairs!

Acapulco chair
If you like the Edge range but anthracite is not your colour, then have a look at the lovely, comfy Acapulco Chair. Created by the union of Danish and Mexican designers, the Acapulco chairs are available in a range of bright colours from blue to yellow and are perfect accompanied by a side table or a foot stool.

If you want to adopt Cane-line furniture check out our shop, and for more information on Cane-line contact us, browse our website and go to our YouTube Channel.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
9th August 2013
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