Feeling too warm in your garden? Get an outdoor shower!

Feeling too warm in your garden? Get an outdoor shower!

A little warmth...

The heat wave doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, just like winter seemed endless not so long ago, but at Barbed we've decided to make the most of it. Honestly, we've waited so long for a little warmth and now that our wishes have finally come true (even more so, as it's more than just "a little warmth" that we currently experience), let's try to be happy with it!

… calls for a little refreshment….

By now you probably have all the outdoor furniture you need, but if you’re still looking for the perfect sunlounger or designer garden accessories have a look in our online shop and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect piece of furniture for your needs. (We know garden plants have been pretty thirsty lately with this heat wave so a stylish garden hose is paramount to keep our gardens looking good)

We have some gems which are innovative and perfect for the heat we have on show this summer. After all it’s the holidays for many, so why not think about something for the garden, beach house or your overseas oasis? Plus don’t forget the heat always seems much more bearable with a nice cold drink in the shade of your garden, instead of at work, don’t you agree?

… so why not install an outdoor shower in your exterior space?

As a consequence, we proudly present you with two wonderful pieces of furniture: the Pasaia Shower and the Viteo Shower.

The Viteo Shower

Viteo is an Austrian furniture manufacturer, and their clever shower won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Gold Award, rewarding the creativity and cleverness of its creators. The shower is actually a round platform on which you walk to set the mechanism up and start the water jets gushing up. This system allows you to use just as much or as little water as you wish, as the water stops once you step off the foot plate. We also love the simple, elegant design of the Viteo shower, which is also easy to store, an added bonus to keep it safe during winter times.

The Pasaia Shower by Fermob

Is there anything Fermob doesn't do? It doesn’t seem like it! The Pasaia shower is actually the creation of designer trio Mermeladaestudio for the 2013 collection of Fermob. The shower was introduced at Maison & Objets 2012 and is a lovely novelty, particularly tempting at the moment. Light in both weight and design and available in five colours (Verbena, Nutmeg, Cobalt, Steel Grey and Aubergine), the Pasaia shower brings us all we want from a shower, right to our (back) door. Simple and efficient, what more can we ask for?

We don’t know about you, but all this talking about outdoor showers has made us want to take one. Too bad we can’t have a working Viteo or Pasaia shower in our showroom! It doesn’t mean you can’t have one though, so don’t hesitate to pop into our showroom to get your shower today or call us on 020 8878 1994 to inquire about them! They are available in selected colours and are absolutely brilliant for beach properties or overseas holiday homes; they’re also the perfect accompaniment to a tropical garden or sea side hideaway. Tempted yet?

Posted by Iconography Ltd
26th July 2013
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