Zoning: creating shade zones in your garden

Zoning: creating shade zones in your garden

"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment" - Jane Austen

Since the beginning of the year we've talked about different uses of zoning and how to create the outdoor space you need/wish for, whether it be a dining area, a lounge or any other part of your home. Zoning encourages you to divide your garden into different areas in order to make the most of your outdoor space, and cleverly arranging garden furniture is a great way of achieving it.

Pagoda umbrellas
Creating zones of shade in your garden

We've been waiting for it for a long time now but summer is here, even if the weather is not always as sunny, warm and reliable as we'd like. We long for the sun all year long, and when it finally arrives we need to protect ourselves from it if we don't want to get sun burned, so now is the time to think about creating some shade in our gardens! Those of us that are lucky enough to have magnificent, tall trees in our gardens can simply place dining chairs and a table or a couple of sun loungers under the natural shady canopy to enjoy the nice weather.

Parasols and sun shades

Many of us, however don’t have large gardens naturally equipped with tall trees to protect our fragile skins against the sun, and that’s why we love parasols and sun shades so much! By using a sun shade or parasol we can also add some lovely colours to our gardens, and using fashion for exterior design to give the statement we wish, be it bold, dynamic, sweet, peaceful...

Our favourite parasol: the Pagoda Umbrellas

The Pagoda Umbrellas are undoubtedly our little favourites this summer. Rain or shine, you can enjoy your garden with these large umbrellas, which will protect you against rain drops and sun rays alike, so no matter the weather you can spend some quality time outside. They truly are a perfect addition to your garden as since lately, it feels as though it’s raining even more than previous years, these parasols seem quite appropriate, don’t you think?

The Pagoda Umbrellas are pivoting parasols with a white aluminium pole, and are available in lovely hues such as Apple, Lilac, Orange and Pink. They go impeccably with our very comfortable EMU Snooze Deck Chairs, also available in Lilac and Orange, among other colours. These sun loungers are made with exterior fabric which makes them perfect for hot weather, as fabric doesn’t get as hot as metal.

Go French with Fermob and Dfuze

Dfuze Shade sailWe have other beautiful parasols in store such as the Shadylace Parasol or the Pampille Parasol by Belgian manufacturer Sywawa, but since we like to introduce you to distinctive designs in our blog we’d like to mention two French manufacturers, namely Dfuze and Fermob, who have created eye-catching accessories.

Dfuze’s Shade-sails

Dfuze offers a lovely, easy-to-store alternative to the traditional parasol with their Shade-Sails. The Shade sails are available in 3 sizes and in different colours and designs; their best advantage is undoubtedly the fact that the shades don’t need a pole, so you can make the most of the space you have in your garden.

Fermob’s Tablabri table

The Tablabri table is a clever design from Fermob - a table, which comes with a canopy. The play on words on the name in French says it all: it’s a table/shelter; if you’re looking for an outdoor table for your garden and would like to get protection from the sun (or those sneaky rain drops that try to interrupt your lunch or meals outdoors) then it’s the perfect 2-in-1 combination, and the epitome of multi-purpose furniture. The Tablabri table, made from metal, doesn’t have any hole in the middle to place the parasol since the fabric canopy is secured at each corner of the table, which allows it to remain perfectly stable. If you’ve seen a parasol run loose because of the wind while attached to a table you understand what we’re talking about!

We have even more choice for you if you come in store, so don’t hesitate and call in or contact us for more information; you can also leave a comment below to tell us which sun shade is your favourite, or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. We’d love to hear from you!

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12th July 2013
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