Using exterior fabric in your outdoor area

Using exterior fabric in your outdoor area

Finding quality furniture for your garden

Summer is here! It may not be obvious yet if we only trust the weather, but school and exams are over for a few months, and we're past 21st June so it's officially summer, right?

So let's all get outdoors and enjoy the ... hum... fact that it's not raining (much)? When looking for outdoor furniture we need to keep in mind that it is likely to stay outdoors all year long. If you have enough room to store your garden furniture during cold months, that’s great and you should store it away to improve its lifespan, but if you can’t, then you need to be able to rely on furniture manufacturers to provide you with quality furniture. And that’s our job, so you’re in good hands!

Finding the perfect chair for the summer

When the sun is out sometimes you just want to relax, so although dining chairs are great if you’re looking to create a nice dining area, sometimes you may prefer something a bit less formal, and more comfortable, made with outdoor fabric. What you need is a nice, inviting sun lounger for instance, preferably not in metal so it doesn’t burn you when you sit on it after it’s stayed in the sun for a whole afternoon. This is why outdoor furniture using fabric is the best choice for a nice, relaxed time outdoors.

Fatboy and its Headdemock Hammock and Buggle-up Beanbag

Fatboy HeaddemockWe know Fatboy Original for their beanbags, but they have a lot of other great furniture and accessories to offer. We particularly love the Fatboy Hammock, the Headdemock, which is absolutely massive and could almost welcome the whole family! The Buggle-up, an outdoor beanbag, comes with straps to help you adjust your position and carry it around, how great is that? It’s also easily packed up into bags to bring out to the beach, so you can simply relax!

EMU’s Snooze Deck Chair and its EMU-Texcloth fabric

EMU Snooze Deck ChairThe Snooze Deck chair by EMU is comfortable, large and colourful, so even if the sun is shy you can enjoy colour in your garden. The deck chair is available in amazing hues such as Lilac and Bronze, these tones are great to mix and match and mad from EMU-Texcloth fabric – outdoor fabric made from polyvinyl wire to offer extremely sturdy products and UV resistance. I can definitely picture myself in a nice garden, preferably by a pool, basking in the sunshine on a Snooze Deck Chair, can’t you?

Fermob’s Outdoor Technical Fabric

Plein Air Armchair by FermobLike EMU and many outdoor furniture manufacturers, Fermob has created its own tear-proof fabric, OTF, Outdoor Technical Fabric, which is the product of years of experience in providing quality outdoor furniture. Sometimes metal cannot achieve everything and that’s when fabric proves its worth. To name but a few of our summer favourites, we can mention the Alizé, Latitude and Plein Air ranges, which also have the benefits of being easily folded or stacked and stored. This means that if you like to go to the beach but prefer to sit in a nice chair and not directly in the sand or pebbles - you can bring the Plein Air chair or even the Plein Air Armchair along with you. Put it in the boot of your car and head to the beach! In the same way, if you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, or if you’re going camping close to the sea, then you can just carry under your arm your Latitude Chair and enjoy your day out.

If you prefer a sun lounger for relaxing, Fermob has what you need too, in the form of the Alizé Sunlounger XS or the wider Alizé Sunlounger; if you still need some convincing, why not try the brand NEW Plein Air Chiliene Chair (in stock very soon!)?

And if you think that the more, the merrier, or you want something larger for your garden without having anything too bulky why not try the curvy lines of the Ellipse Bench. It can easily accommodate seating for two and would look great with a footstool to rest any weary legs.

Taking care of your Fermob furniture

If you want to make the most of your outdoor furniture, it’s always best to take good care of it. Outdoor furniture is obviously meant to withstand the weather, rain or shine, and Fermob furniture like all great outdoor furniture is weather-proof and will easily resist the outdoors. However, like all things, outdoor furniture can remain in a good state for longer with a little maintenance – and with a little protection from the elements in winter, if you have somewhere to store it. Check out our Maintenance section and read Fermob’s advice to learn how to easily maintain your outdoor furniture.

Fermob new Cushion rangesA little extra: adding cushions to your outdoor furniture

Adding cushions to your garden furniture is a very easy way to refresh the look of the outdoor furniture you already have; after all you don’t need to buy new furniture every year if you’re happy with your current arrangement, and our designer furniture is meant to last, so an easy way to change things without changing everything is the simple addition of accessories such as throw cushions. You may not find all of Fermob’s cushions in our online Fermob shop yet, so for more information don’t hesitate to contact us or even better, come and see us in Barnes!

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28th June 2013
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