Say hello to the brand new Barbed

Say hello to the brand new Barbed

Time for a facelift

Graham and Annie opened Barbed back in 2005, and our purple B has been with us since the beginning. Since the shop first opened a lot has happened, we've grown, developed - the website was launched in 2009 and the online shop opened its doors in 2010. Our tastes may have evolved too, but the idea behind it all remains the same: finding the best outdoor designer furniture and offering it to our customers.

Back to the origins

Barbed was created to fill a gap in the world of designer furniture. At the time Graham and Annie were looking for innovative and stylish furniture after refurbishing their home, and found out that there was a gap in the market. Knowing that they wouldn't be the only ones looking for well-designed pieces to decorate their home they decided to start Barbed and to help everyone in their situation. Opening Barbed also allowed them to discover even more amazing contemporary artwork and outdoor furniture!

Barbed's B, from purple to night blue

Barbed old logoWe are very fond of the Barbed B and we were keen to keep it while giving it a brand new, refreshed look. The capitalised letter reminds us of all the fashion brands we love, like Chanel and Gucci. It would be amazing if everyone thought of Barbed or “outdoor furniture specialists” when seeing our ‘B’ and our font, wouldn't it?

Purple was quite brave and daring at the time we chose it but now we want something a bit more modern and sophisticated and we are very happy with our new midnight blue. It is contemporary, stylish and sleek, what’s not to love about it?

If you follow us on Twitter @Barbedshop or have visited our Facebook page or Google+ page lately you may have noticed that we introduced our new colours little by little, please let us know what you think!

The evolution of Barbed

We are turning a new page with our rebranding (our first one!) and it’s good to remember how we started and the path we’ve followed to arrive where we are.

Barbed started as a means to share our passion and to help design lovers like us find quality, contemporary outdoor furniture. We have developed great relationships with leading designers and manufacturers to ensure we provide the best service and products possible; we like adding new outdoor furniture manufacturers and designers to our collection, which led to our becoming an agent for Danish candle makers Ester & Erik in 2009.

Fermob's shop in shop

We have even grown to become the only Fermob shop in shop in the UK a little over a year ago, which allows us to show our clients the extent of Fermob’s ranges and colours. The French manufacturer has acquired a special place in our hearts because we love versatile furniture and Fermob has so many colours (24!) and styles that you can do almost anything with it! Just read our blogs on Fermob and find out all you can do with Fermob furniture!

Designer outdoor furniture for all tastes

We may be Fermob’s shop in shop but we haven’t forgotten other talented outdoor furniture manufacturers like Cane-line, Dancook, Kartell, Gandia Blasco, Coro or Fatboy, and our scope and range of products are constantly evolving for the better. We also offer a personalised service to our customers who are most welcome to come in and discuss their requirements with us, and we’ll source the products that suit their needs. If a product is clever, stylish, high-end and iconic, if we don’t have it already we’ll be glad to get it!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
17th June 2013
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