Urban balconies: make the most of your space with clever outdoor furniture

Urban balconies: make the most of your space with clever outdoor furniture

Space is expensive, no one will deny it. With a majority of the population living in towns and urban areas, big gardens are a dream for a lot of us. If you prefer big towns to the countryside but want an outdoor area to get away from the hustle and bustle of town living - or want to enjoy the view if you live on the roof-tops - then read on and see our advice to make the most of your urban balcony.

Creating a small yet perfect space

Zoning is not only meant for people with gardens, it’s meant for anyone and everyone with space, and the will to arrange and personalise it. All you need is to be creative and even more inventive than usual since you have to make every inch count.

Personalising your outdoor space with DIY

If you like DIY then it’s the perfect occasion to kill two birds with one stone and undertake a hobby you like while creating a lovely outdoor living space. You can create storage areas you can sit on, make patchwork cushions and add carpets and mats to give a more attractive and welcoming look to your balcony. If you like crafting small decorative objects you can also bring some out to add an extra personal touch. Check out this Pin by Apartment Therapy, what a clever use of space!

Be creative

Doing DIY already means being creative but with a limited space everything needs to be perfectly placed and set, and where possible you should have furniture that can have different uses. Low and side tables should be sturdy enough to sit on, stools should be stable and handy enough to turn into tables, and so on. Also, remember to pick pieces that can be stored and moved easily, preferably folding furniture

Clever outdoor furniture for urban balconies

If you’re planning on using zoning to rearrange your balcony or terrace the first thing to ask is: what do you want to turn your urban balcony into? A garden in the city, a lounge, a dining area, all three of them…?

Outdoor dining area

If you want to enjoy the sun while it lasts and do a small barbecue on your balcony or just eat outside for once, you need dining chairs and tables. Fermob furniture is undoubtedly some of the best outdoor furniture for an urban balcony, especially the Bistro range. These pieces are lively and colourful with the usual amazing 24 colours to choose from, and they can also fold to make storage easy peasy! How about combining the Floreal Round Folding Table and the Bistro Folding Chair, with a clever use of colours like we mentioned in our blogs on using fashion for interior and exterior design? You can also use the Luxembourg Small Low Table (42x43cm) as either a table, a small bench or a stool, depending on whether you want to eat or just to sit.

Outdoor lounge – Chill out zone

Chill out with Fermob Sixties furnitureYou've worked all day, probably spent too long in public transport or in your car commuting so all you want in the evening and on the week-end is to chill out on your balcony, away from the Underground and confined spaces. At least on your urban balcony you can see the sky, no matter how big or small it is. If you want to turn your balcony or terrace into a lounge, add some beanbags and cushions, a low table and maybe some exterior lighting to give an ambiance, and voilà, a welcoming balcony to enjoy! Have a look at the Fatboy Buggleup, a clever beanbag designed by Fatboy for outdoor use which is ultra durable and dirt and water repellent. Get a good book, a glass of wine or soft drink, place your Fatboy Edison The Petit Lamp on your Alizé Low table, ready to turn the small lamp on after the sun’s gone down, and you’ll never want to leave your balcony again!

Urban garden

If you don’t have a garden it doesn’t mean you cannot create one on your balcony or your terrace. Flowers, fruit or vegetables? That is the question. It’s always nice to grow your own tomatoes, they’re so much better when they’re home grown! You can also plant some strawberries or simply a few garden herbs like basil or thyme to help give flavour to your cooking. Not only do aromatic herbs taste good, they also smell good. The Mini Stacking Garden is perfect to create a green wall which also gives you privacy. You can plant anything you want on this vertical garden, from salads to flowers and you can easily mix and match anything that grows in pots. Similarly, the Rock Garden Planter is an herb haven on your balcony. You can grow aromatic herbs on these modular planters and place them anywhere you like to help divide and personalise your space. One last piece of advice: try and mix and match plants that look beautiful with ones that smell great and others that taste good to stimulate your senses.

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17th May 2013
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