Lounge zoning with Cane-line

Lounge zoning with Cane-line

We like zoning. Why wouldn't we? With this clever thinking you can create lovely outdoor dining areas to your liking, and so much more. Using your garden for gardening or eating out is not the only way to go now. It really is nice to have friends and family over to enjoy a heart-warming barbecue. At Barbed we truly believe that your outdoor space should be a second home. You should have complete freedom to turn your garden into anything you wish it to be, and we would like to help you do it.

An outdoor lounge

When the sun is shining and you’re in your living room watching TV or reading a book curled up snugly on your sofa, don’t you feel a bit ashamed to stay indoors? It’s a shame to stay in when the weather is becoming nicer and nicer every day. OK it’s not exactly true with the British weather but if we believe it strongly enough it will come true, won’t it?


Why should we choose between the comfort of our homes and the nice weather? Thanks to Cane-Line, we don’t need to anymore! Cane-Line furniture looks like it is meant for indoor use and certainly can stand the comparison with indoor sofas. But Cane-line created their Conic, Edge, Diamond and Divine ranges with outdoor use in mind. This means that not only is Cane-line furniture nifty and comfortable, it is also low maintenance and weather resistant!

Cane-Line Conic Lounge
The Conic range: Cane-Line’s latest collection

When you store designer furniture you tend to look for novelties. The good old classics are great, don’t get us wrong, but new collections and accessories are to us like new shiny toys to a child. We just can’t resist!


The Conic lounge is a lightweight and versatile modular range so you can really arrange and rearrange everything as it suits you. You can also add a conic chair to the mix if you wish to be comfortable all by yourself! The Conic coffee table, made in powder coated aluminium is a perfect addition to the whole.


Cane-line’s Conic lounge, just like the Diamond Weave, is crafted so that you’ll never want to sit up again. Where the Diamond Weave furniture is artfully woven, the Conic furniture is made with TEX®, Cane-line’s own coated polyester fabric. Since we’re talking about artfully woven furniture have you seen the Cane-line Divine Footstool?

Cane-Line Divine Footstool
It is hand-made by crochet technique, for our greatest pleasure. Beautiful and comfy, not bad, is it? By the way, did we mention that “Life made Comfortable” is Cane-line’s latest motto? They’re definitely living up to it!

If you want to be even cosier you can get some outdoor cushions to go with your Cane-line furniture. All cushions are made from QuickDryFoam®. They are well ventilated and quick to dry, and obviously they’re comfortable too!

Low maintenance and durable

Cane-Line has been in business for 25 years. They know what they’re doing, and they’ve had time to improve their products and techniques. They even care for the environment, making sure their suppliers and themselves respect people (i.e. no child labour and fair wages) and Nature. Whether your furniture is in TEX® fabric, woven with Cane-line fibre or in aluminium, the common factor is low maintenance and durability. All furniture is weather resistant, for an increased durability.

Cane-line furniture is definitely sturdy and resistant, but you can always increase its lifetime by taking care of it. You don’t need to do much, since the furniture is almost maintenance free. No fuss required! An easy way of protecting your furniture is to cover it when you’re not using it. Cane-line has created covers easy to use and made for each and all ranges. You can also put the cushions up against the back of the chairs and lounge during the low season, and get rid of puddles of water if they form on your cover or on your furniture.

If you have enough space, placing your furniture indoors during winter will also help prolong its lifetime. However, if you can’t or don’t want to do it, rest assured that Cane-line furniture is frost- and water-resistant.

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture and if our blog has aroused your curiosity, check out our YouTube channel for introductory videos on Cane-line furniture ranges and maintenance advice.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
26th April 2013
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