Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 3

Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 3

In the past couple of weeks we've seen how to bring dynamism and boldness to our interior and exterior design through a clever use of bright colours. We have also discussed the introduction of Elements such as metal and wood in your garden to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This week we've been inspired by the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion shows. They bring light, elegant pastel colours back on the map, along with bright neon hues.

pastel colours in exterior design

Candy shop colours: softness in exterior design

"Candy shop". Or "sweet shop" depending on where you grew up. Doesn't the term alone make you dream and travel back through time, to happy childhood days? Pastel colours are light and soothing. They remind us of innocent, carefree times. Isn't this what we should look for in our homes? A nice, comforting feeling through our choice of furniture and accessories? Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your exterior space is important, and so is selecting appropriate exterior lighting features.

Fermob 1900 Armchair


We can always rely on Fermob to provide us with the colours we want thanks to their choice of 24 hues. The more “Romantic” ranges such as 1900, Bagatelle and Rendez-vous go perfectly together with softer colours like willow green, linen, storm grey and nutmeg. How can you resist the gentle touch brought by a willow green 1900 Armchair?


Another talented manufacturer that is perfect to give our outdoor space an ethereal and sophisticated atmosphere is Kartell. The Louis XV style baroque Louis Ghost Chair, which celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2012, is made from transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. Just like the Victoria Ghost Chair, it allows you to play with soft tones and light. What about skilfully placing small lamps close to the Crystal chairs to play around with shades?

Viteo Light Cubes


Exterior lighting is key to create the right atmosphere. In our previous blog post, we discussed creating an exterior ambiance in your garden.


Viteo is a manufacturing company set up by Austrian architect Wolfgang Pichler in 2002 to share with the world the outdoor furniture he had designed for his own garden. He met high standards in variable functionality, ergonomics, durability and obviously quality. Viteo offers us more than just outdoor furniture (mixing artfully steel and wood), with their lovely Light Cubes. The pastel shades of these cubic lamps illuminate softly our outdoor spaces. It reminds us a little of the fairy lights in that it gives our gardens a soothing atmosphere.


Belgian manufacturer Extremis not only designs outdoor furniture, but also clever accessories like the IceCube. This cooler can prove very useful for barbecues to keep cold drinks and food around. No more need to go back to your kitchen every time someone wants a cool drink! It is also environmentally friendly since it is 100% recyclable. And the best part is that it comes with an integrated lighting unit! The light is also soft and soothing, great to go with your dreamy pastel-hued furniture.

Designer hoses from Barbed

Garden accessories

Accessories are always great to add a finishing touch or some “spice” to your outdoor space. Just like you accessorise an outfit with a bag, shoes or even nail polish, you can use smaller objects to add something more to your outdoor furniture. Our favourite garden accessories this season are undoubtedly the brilliant garden hoses. They are available in four colours, Black Swan (black), Gold Digger (gold), Candy Crush (pink) and Graceful Rock (grey).

The best accessory to balance pastels is most certainly Graceful Rock, although we love them all! You can also play with the different colours by choosing, say, a pink Hose nozzle and a grey hose. The wall mount is also available in black, grey and pink, so you can definitely have some fun mixing and matching the different elements.

neon colours in exterior design

Bold Neon: colour clashing for a bright statement

It’s time to bring some fun to our gardens! The spring that has taken so long to arrive that seems to finally be here. Hopefully it will settle once and for all very soon. Neon is also a trend presented on Spring/Summer 2013 runways. It is great fun to mix it with pastel colours. Neon adds something alive and flashy to counterbalance with panache watercolours.


Our previous point on Fermob still stands: the French manufacturer offers us so many colours that we can really do anything and everything we want mixing and matching them. Soft, chic, classic, serious or bold, choose the right shade and the sky’s the limit! Their different furniture ranges also help in creating the atmosphere you’re after with endless combinations. The modern, contemporary Bellevie table in Verbena is a wonderful example of successful colour clashing. Verbena, Fuchsia, Lemon and Turquoise are great colours to add boldness to your outdoor space.

Fuera Dentro

Have you ever tried black and neon green together?

shell sofa by fuera dentro neon colours
Fuera Dentro has! The Shell Sofa, so innocent in Cendre, becomes something totally and utterly different, pop, by just adding a neon green pillow to a black sofa. The result is just flabbergasting!


Colour clashing was definitely in mind at EMU when they designed their Snooze Deck Chair. You have 5 colours to choose from for the steel frame and 4 colours for the textile. No need to look any further if you want something different to go with more classic furniture. Get these loungers now and enjoy every single ray of sunshine while it lasts!

It’s easy to just add chairs or more simply cushions or pillows to get this little something that makes a big difference. If you’re looking for a lounger or hammock, have a look at Fatboy’s Headdemock. It is available in 14 colours including turquoise, orange and lime. Why not check out the Frog Lounger by Living Divani too? You won’t regret it.

This is the end of our blog saga on Fashion and Design - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Design is really all about letting your imagination take the reins. Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers bring us already amazing creations, all we have to do is make the most of it!


Posted by Iconography Ltd
19th April 2013
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