Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 2

Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 2

Last week we started talking about the relationship between fashion and design. They go hand in hand together to bring life and character to our homes. In "Using Fashion for Interior and Exterior Design, Part 1" we discussed the use of colours in design. We emphasized in particular the importance of Emeralds, Pinks and Black on White contrasts with hints of Gold to create an impression of boldness and dynamism.

Elementary, my dear

In classical Greek philosophy, Aristotle said that Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the four elements upon which everything is based. In China, five elements are thought to be at the origin of everything, namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. They are believed to balance one another with harmony, as we considered in our blog post on feng shui in the garden. Why not bring this harmony to your garden by using some of these elements?

Metal: steel, copper and gold at your service

metal mood board


Mathias Claerhout is probably the manufacturer who plays most with metal and nature. We particularly love his Wave Bench which combines artfully metal and water. Not real water, sure, but the bench really gives the impression to be flowing, just like water. This steel bench can be seen in Antwerp at the Lessius Institute, as we mentioned in our blog post on Claerhout. The Deckhopper chair is also majestic, all in steel. It also makes us think of a grasshopper but that’s probably mainly because of its name! However, adding some animal features to your garden is a nice addition too and a reminder of nature in your outdoor home.


We offer outdoor furniture from talented manufacturers, but we also like to display Artwork in our showroom. We like to add artful sculptures and wall art to our interior and exterior spaces. What is better to mix metal and nature than the amazing Seeds Sculpture, to name only one? If you don’t like gardening it doesn't mean you can’t have seeds in your garden! It’s also a good way to get conversations started and to break the ice! The sculptures we display are all there to make a statement and add something more to your home. Why not use zoning to create your own outdoor exhibition area?

We can also source sculptural, bespoke or custom made pieces, some of which are exclusively in our Barnes showroom. Feel free to contact us for more details!

combine metalics, animal, print fabrics


Mixing wood and metal with Extremis

The Extempore collection by Belgian manufacturer Extremis is all about gracefully combining wood and metal. The Extempore Table, perfect with the Extempore Chairs or the Extempore Bench, will bring nature to your dining area. Extremis creates a lovely sense of harmony with anodised aluminium and jatoba wood. Jatoba wood is also called Brazilian cherry wood and mainly comes from Central and South America. This designer furniture even brings exoticism with it. Travel from the comfort of your garden with Extremis!

Hello Stranger: mixing steel and …

Hello Stranger benchWe love the innovative design of the Hello Stranger bench. Its shape allows different forms of interaction with other people sitting on this bench. You can sit alone if you can and yet you can also interact with other people if you prefer. The structure itself is made from stainless steel and the seat insert is available in different materials, from plastics to hardwoods and metals. Whatever rocks your boat, you can have it with this quirky piece of furniture!

Accessorising with leather and animal prints

Animal accessories

Reindeer wall mountSince we’re trying to restore a sense of nature, why not add some animal design touches to your garden? Some like animal furs in their living room, we will stick here to harmless design advice. If you love reindeer (who doesn’t?) imagine the effect of our Reindeer Hose Mount. It’s even gold, just like our Deluxe Garden Hoses so you combine metal and animal in one designer object. And what an object! We love the way our new garden accessories brighten up our showroom with bright pink and chic gold, black and grey. Sometimes you don’t need something big to make a statement, some smaller pieces talk for themselves and that’s definitely the case for these garden hoses! You can even mix and match colours with Wall Mounts and Nozzles.

Animal Prints

We don’t have furniture with animal print all over it – that may be too much anyway – but we like adding small hints of animal prints through a clever use of fabric. You can do it very simply by adding a few throw pillows and cushion to your designer furniture. And it’s easy to change patterns too! See the Flat Sofa by Gandia Blasco for instance? They already have throws, all you have left to do is give them a bit more life with animal prints or fake fur!


The Cima Lounge by Fuera Dentro is another perfect example of harmonious combination of two elements. Fuera Dentro mixes faux leather, their very own Stamskin®, with stainless steel. This synthetic leather has the advantage of being made for outdoor use so it is weather resistant and requires little maintenance.

Arranging artfully your garden can sometimes be easy. Just go back to the basics and embrace nature. The five Chinese elements have a harmony to them, all you need to do let them inspire you.

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12th April 2013
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