Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 1

Using Fashion for Interior & Exterior Design, Part 1

"It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together".

-- Alexander McQueen


Fashion is all about moving, improving, following your instincts, innovating. Inspiration comes partly from the past and past, present and future are mingled together to create something new. Haute Couture and ready-to-wear fashion shows inspire worldwide fashion every year.

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You might think fashion is just about clothes but it isn't. Fashion influences every aspect of our lives and it goes hand in hand with design. We want design everywhere. We couldn't stand to use the first mobile phones nowadays. Let’s face it, they were really ugly! Cars have to be functional and pleasing to the eye. So does furniture, and so do our homes.

Interior and Exterior Design

We tend to use design like an extension of ourselves. We want furniture and houses that represent us. Designer furniture can help us feel comfortable, at home. Square, round, modern, classic, your furniture and your home can tell a lot about you. If you have a large open space you can even move everything around when you want some change. Indeed, you can use zoning to adapt your space as you wish. It’s easier and cheaper than building walls and breaking them down to change the way your house is arranged!

New trends

Zoning is a trend that didn’t exist a few years ago and that’s become fashionable now. It was born to answer a need - arranging open spaces easily - and now you can adapt it to both interior and exterior design. It’s very much like fashion, it evolves with time. We may not have seasons yet in designer furniture but we already have new collections every year. And we look forward to them!

Using fashion in interior and exterior design

Although we have to be careful not to attempt to keep changing our interior and exterior design so often with each changing season that it becomes unsustainable, we will probably not want to keep a design chosen today for decades and decades. We evolve with time and so can our home. And if you happen to want to evolve your home now, then read on! What is trending now is mixing fashion and design to create your desired atmosphere. Let’s see how it works, by working on exterior design. After all, we’re outdoor furniture specialists.

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The power of colours

Fashion is not only about shape, it’s also about colours. Colours can have meanings. Almost every colour has positive and negative sides to it so in the end it’s mostly a matter of personal feelings. If you like say, orange, it doesn’t matter if some people think it suggests cowardice and impatience, it can also mean social communication and optimism. And you like it. So there.

Dynamism and boldness with Pinks, Emeralds and Black on White contrasts

Dynamism and boldness can be expressed through your choice of furniture. Have a look at our manufacturers’ work and Artwork section to see for yourselves. But boldness and dynamism can also be achieved with a clever use of colours, patterns and textures. Try contrasting Pinks and Fuchsia with Emeralds or adopt Black on White and hints of Gold!


The easiest furniture designer to work with in terms of colour contrasting is obviously Fermob with their 24 colours and counting. They have plenty of bright colours to play with. You can see on our website their Fuchsia Luxembourg Bench for instance which makes you want to mix and match it so as to enjoy its brightness even more.


Cane-Line offers great furniture in grey and black colours. For a bold and dynamic exterior design, have a look at the Cane-Line Flow of the Diamond Woven range. We love its Black on White contrast. You can also mix and match the Diamond range with the Savannah range for even better results.

Garden hoses

designer garden hoses
Not everything is about furniture. Sometimes the devil is in the details. But our designer garden hoses are more than a mere “detail”. They make a statement on their own. These garden accessories look like they’re coming from a runway and they will definitely bring a chic touch to your garden! The garden hoses are available in Black Swan, Candy Crush and Graceful Rock. The pink ones are perfect to add dynamism to your Black furniture. You can place your garden hoses on wall mounts which come in the same three colours, so you can even mix and match the hoses and the wall mount. If you want to be bold we also store the amazing deluxe Golden Reindeer wall mount. The Garden Hose Nozzles are also available in Pink, Black and Grey so why not contrast colours with the nozzles too?

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5th April 2013
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