Outdoor zoning: dining areas - part 2

Outdoor zoning: dining areas - part 2

In Dining areas - Part 1 we talked about rectangular and round tables and what dining tables were best according to your space and wishes. Here is the second part, discussing rounded-edge tables, chairs and the usual question: indoors or outdoors?

Edge Sunchair dining with Cane-LineSafety first with rounded edge tables

At Barbed we try to promote design outdoor furniture while giving you as wide a choice as possible so you can find everything you desire. We take into account the limited space you may have and the people who will use the outdoor furniture. Dining is a family thing so we mustn't forget children. You don’t want a child knocking into a sharp corner on a metal table, so if you prefer long, rectangular tables compared to round ones, why not go for rounded edges for added safety?

Shell Table by Fuera Dentro
For instance, Dutch furniture design house Fuera Dentro has created the Shell Table, made of stainless steel and glass. We like the simple lines of the Shell range and the fact that the table is sturdy and stable thanks to its three wide legs. Of course, it also benefits from rounded edges.

As expected, Fermob also offers outdoor furniture adapted for children, especially in their Luxembourg range, with tables like the Luxembourg Square Table and the Luxembourg Table. That’s without mentioning the Luxembourg Kid furniture that is just the right size for children. After all if the grown-ups can have a dining table and chairs their sizes why can’t children have the same?

Indoor dining or outdoor dining?

We like designer furniture so much, and contemporary designs are so comfortable that sometimes it breaks our hearts to see outdoor furniture staying outdoors when it would look so great indoors. We've already mentioned indoor use in a previous blog post. Now we’d like to introduce you to Cane-Line’s Edge series where a sleek extending dining table is complemented by rope design Chairs and a Bench. Like all Cane-Line furniture the Edge range is almost maintenance free and very durable. You wouldn't know they were created for outdoor use if we didn't tell you, so why not use it indoors?

Last but not least: Chairs!

Once you've made up your mind on what type of dining table you prefer, finding chairs is the easy bit. Most if not all manufacturers offer chairs to go with their tables. So if you want to take it easy you can just choose chairs from the same range. But if you want to let your creativity run free a bit longer, try to mix and match different ranges and even different manufacturers.

Kartell Masters Chair and BenchLook at the Kartell Masters Chair for instance, could you abandon this versatile, sturdy, stylish chair if you decided to acquire a table from another designer? Sure, it doesn’t fit with everything but if you don’t try you’ll never know!

Mixing and matching chairs also means adopting not only armchairs but classic chairs and benches too. Lounge seating can be combined with dining chairs: after all you’re in your garden, which means that you have even more freedom that inside your house.

As a conclusion we can say that design outdoor furniture is meant to answer all your wishes. The contemporary furniture designers we work with do their best to adapt to your every needs. Whether you have a small patio or a big garden, if you want to create a dining area in your outdoor space, then we are here to help and advise you on how to personalise best your garden to make it an extension of your home.

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25th March 2013
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