Outdoor zoning: dining areas - Part 1

Outdoor zoning: dining areas - Part 1

We've introduced you to the art of zoning a few weeks back, to help you organise your outdoor space according to the use you want to make of it. We gave you some tips to create a cosy exterior room with Gandia Blasco and Cane-Line, and today we would like to talk about dining areas. After all, eating al fresco is what many of us like to use our garden for, isn't it?

Round or rectangular tables, it’s up to you

Dining chairs and tables are obviously the main focus when deciding to create a dining area. Fire pits and barbecues come later, and so does exterior lighting. You choose them afterwards to complement the dining table and chairs you have found.

Choosing design outdoor furniture is just like choosing any furniture, it’s all a matter of taste and style. Turning your house into a home is just the same as turning your garden into a second home. All you need to do is find furniture that appeals to you and fits you best.

Rectangular dining tables

There is no good or bad shape for a table. Your dining table must meet your needs (and space requirements) and its design should attract you. Rectangular tables such as those we find in Fermob’s Costa range are perfect to welcome a larger number of people. If you prefer a small table you can adopt a Costa Square Table, a Costa High Table or a Costa Low Table. They are all very practical - clean lines, simple design - which allow you to seat 2 to 4 people.

If you have more space in your garden and expect more guests, we advise you to take a look at the Costa Extending Table. It can seat 6 people normally and up to 10 with its central extension. This way you have a nice long table for family dinners and yet without the extension you have a great table for everyday use.

Na Xemena Table by Gandia BlascoWhen it comes to rectangular tables we also love the Na Xemena Table by Spanish furniture designer Gandia Blasco. This sophisticated dining table is available in different lengths, between 120cm and 270cm, and also in square shape. The table looks like it is made of wood but is actually anodized aluminium and polyethylene, for increased weather resistance.

Round dining tables

Round tables seem cosier than rectangular ones as they allow everyone to sit more freely without any etiquette involved. That’s why King Arthur chose the Round Table, so his knights felt equal and his court less formal. Hundreds of years later, the principle is the same, round seems more attractive for informal gatherings.


Once more Fermob delivers with very different ranges like 1900 and Floreal. Simple and practical, the Floreal Round Folding Table comes in three sizes to accommodate between 2 and 5 diners. Its simple design allows you to mix and match it with other ranges. Furthermore, like all Fermob aluminium furniture it is available in 24 colours, from extra bright tones to more classic ones.

1900 Pedestal Table by Fermob
The 1900 Round Table is a pretty Parisian-style table perfect for a patio or balcony and great for a trip back in time. It’s old-fashioned, but in a good way. We love the 1900 scrollwork we can find in this table and in the hand-forged iron 1900 Pedestal Table, with its very romantic design.


Italian outdoor furniture designer EMU manufactures the lovely Heaven Table, an airy steel and glass dining table. It is highly recognisable with its interweaving design which gives it a distinctive touch. Don’t worry if the Heaven Table is too high or too wide for you, EMU also has in store the Heaven Low Table or the Heaven Small Low Table to accommodate everyone. Even a small outdoor space can enjoy great design!


Danish manufacturer Cane-Line brought us the cute and handy On-The-Move tables (the name says it all). Cane-Line also offer a wide variety of bistro settings with HPL (high pressure laminate) slate, travertine, teak and resin options. Come in and discuss your requirements and we can find the perfect solution for your space!

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20th March 2013
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