Create an exterior ambiance in your garden

Create an exterior ambiance in your garden

At Barbed we love design. We particularly love outdoor design and this is why we do our best to offer you amazing design furniture for your outdoor area. We choose our manufacturers and designers for their creativity, their originality, and the beauty of their outdoor furnishings. Fermob, Cane-Line, Fatboy, Dancook, Dfuze, Gandia Blasco or EMU have all in common clever designs and quality. We also love quirky items that add some detail and personality to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lately we have told you about zoning to help you create outdoor rooms that fit your style and your way of life. The outdoor space really should be, to us, a second home. And like your home, your garden needs some light. Here are some of our exterior lighting features:

The firelily firepit by Claerhout

If you like a nice evening by the fire or enjoy having barbecues in your garden, but think that Dancook’s firepit is a bit too simple, then embrace some Belgian design. Clever designer Claerhout shows his craftsmanship with his Firelily Firepit, a mesmerising flame-shaped firepit made from stainless steel. This one-of-a-kind fire pit was designed by Mathias Claerhout and Lianne van Genugten. We must admit we’d like the duo to work more often together if all their creations are as spectacular! Indeed, the Firelily resembles both a fire and a flower. The metal shape can also be mistaken for a gigantic spider when disassembled. If you don’t like giant insect just stick to the usual fire shape and simply enjoy watching this amazing fire that seems to be floating in the dark.

Firelily Firepit by Claerhout
Solar lighting

Your garden represents nature so why not go green? Solar lights are a great, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive way to light up your garden. Photovoltaic devices store solar energy during the day and release it during the night. No need for cables running through your garden (pretty dangerous if you’re not careful) since there is no need to power them.

We love the Ivy Footstools, clever Poufs that not only can be sat on and used as low tables or footstools but can also be used as lights at night.

However if you really want to create an ambiance and miss Christmas garlands, you’ll be delighted to learn that we’ve found Solar LED Fairy Lights, just for you. Wrap your trees with these dreamy lights or let your imagination run free and turn your garden into a fairy tale place! You can choose from 8 lighting modes and once fully charged thanks to the solar panel module you can light your garden up for up to 10 hours.

If you prefer more efficient exterior lighting try our sets of two Solar LED Spotlights, the perfect way to enhance your outdoor furniture once the night has come. The spots and their solar panel come with a 5m cable, which allows you to place your spots 10m apart. Furthermore, these spots, specifically designed for the UK, can light up to a range of 25m, how is that for landscaping?

Finally, our Solar LED Spotlight with 8 super bright LEDs can light up to a distance of 15m, and works in the same way as the set of two solar spotlights.

Solar Lighting - Fairy Lights
Design exterior lighting

The solar lamps are undoubtedly environmentally-friendly and the fairy lights give a dream-like aspect to your garden. Yet we like to give our customers and readers choice, so we’d like to highlight some more features, such as the the delightful Tree lamps, probably some of the quirkiest lamps ever. These lovely tree-shaped lamps remind us of the primary use of the garden: growing plants. We have two shapes and two sizes to fit your outdoor space. Whether you like a nice, tall tree or prefer a smaller one, we can help.

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce you to the Halley lamps, designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal for our greatest pleasure. These exterior lights are like no other. Indeed, these simple half-rings create arches of light in your garden, great to light up your table without needing anything on the table itself. If you prefer a smaller version have a look at the Halley Bollards.

We hope we've helped you find the right exterior lighting for you. If you are still looking, have a look at our Exterior Lights Showroom, and just follow your instincts!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
15th March 2013
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