Fermob: design metal outdoor furniture with the Luxembourg range

Fermob: design metal outdoor furniture with the Luxembourg range

We are Fermob's only UK shop in shop, which gives you the opportunity to come and see for yourselves why we love the French manufacturer so much. If you've read our love story, you already know of our relationship with Fermob.

Fermob is brilliant for zoning too, and if you already had a look at their 2013 catalogue you probably want to buy a new house with a bigger garden so you can get your hands on more of these crafty pieces of furniture. They have different ranges that make you dream just by reading their names: Bellevie (Beautiful Life), Biarritz, Bagatelle (a short, light piece of music but also a trifle), Dune, Bistro, Rendez-Vous, 1900, etc. But today we would like to focus on their most famous range: Luxembourg.

Barbed Showroom - Luxembourg furniture by Fermob

The origins of Fermob’s Luxembourg range

The design for the Luxembourg Chairs was invented in 1923 by craftsmen working for the City of Paris who were asked for new chairs to place in the mythical Jardin du Luxembourg. The original chairs, called "Sénat", were made from steel. The Luxembourg chairs manufactured by Fermob were actually designed in 2000 by Frédéric Sofia and inspired by the Sénat chairs.

If you’ve been to Paris before Fermob started manufacturing the famous chairs and after they did, you will have seen the difference, if only in weight. If you’ve tried dragging along the previous steel chairs for a picnic in the Luxembourg garden you’ll be won over by Fermob’s lightweight aluminium chairs!

Fermob Luxembourg chairs: from steel to aluminium

Luxembourg chair - Satin varnishIf you love your garden you’ll love Fermob: their designer furniture is not only meant for outdoor use, it is also environmentally friendly, as it is made from 98% recyclable materials (mainly aluminium). When redesigning the Luxembourg chairs Fermob has kept in mind some key principles: they were aiming for lightweight, weather resistant and design outdoor furniture, and we can say they did a great job at it!

Most of Fermob’s garden furniture is made of aluminium, which is protected against cold, rain, heat, snow and UV by a special coating, and the paint itself is also weather resistant so you have a double protection. Where Fermob outdoor technical fabric is used like for the Latitude, Alize, Costa, Dune, Ellipse or Plein Air ranges, the material is also coated so as to resist nature’s assaults.

Taking care of your outdoor furniture

Let’s be honest: garden furniture is meant for outdoor use and is therefore created to be weather resistant, but you can help your furniture last even longer by taking care of it. Your Fermob furniture can easily be cleaned with water or soapy water with a soft sponge or piece of fabric. You must never use abrasive sponges. If the furniture is really dirty you can use alcohol-based window-cleaning products, or Fermob’s after-care products.

You can find feet, clips and touch-up paint in our physical shop and these products will be available in our online shop very soon. For more information on cleaning and maintenance you can read Fermob’s advice.

Fermob Colour Chart 2013 - 24 colours

Design furniture for every style

Is your style classic, sophisticated, modern, refined, natural…? Whatever your style is, you can mix and match Fermob’s furniture to create the atmosphere you want. For metal products you are offered 24 colours to choose from (and counting, the latest colour added this year was plum). Furthermore, the Luxembourg chairs and armchairs benefit from an extra colour, the Brushed Satin finish. Fewer colours are available for the Sixties range and for fabric furniture, but fewer than 24 is still plenty, isn’t it?

In our shop in Barnes we currently feature a combination of Plum, Savanna and Willow green, with a Savanna Luxembourg table surrounded by Plum and Willow green Luxembourg chairs (see picture above). Don’t you think plum brings a modern twist to these natural shades?

Colour combination in Barbed showroom - Plum, Savanna and Willow Green

We’d love to hear from you, why not tell us what your favourite Fermob colours are and what combinations you prefer? Simply leave a comment below!

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8th March 2013
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