Welcome the winter in true Barbed style - Bonfire Night, Hallowe'en, here we come!

Welcome the winter in true Barbed style - Bonfire Night, Hallowe'en, here we come!

Although the colder weather means that we can no longer soak in the sun on a nice sun lounger, it does have other benefits, and here at Barbed, we love autumn, winter and all the activities and festivities the change in season brings with it! For instance, it gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the lovely indoor items that some may find a bit out of place in the warmer weather. Although we love them all year round, even we can admit that some furnishings are best suited to the winter season, such as lovely rugs and beautiful reindeer hides.

Getting cosy indoors

Sheepskins and reindeer hides

Very little else warms up a place quite like sheepskins and reindeer hides do, while adding a touch of luxury and a natural feel to any home. In Scandinavian countries eating reindeer as normal as eating beef is to us, and it is a tradition to then use their skins to create warm clothes and compliment their indoor space while providing a natural source of insulation. Since reindeers can withstand freezing temperatures, their skin is naturally a fantastic material to protect against the cold, making them incredibly useful for providing both our homes and ourselves with the warmth we need throughout the winter. So, whether you’re looking to insulate your walls, or to keep the cold from penetrating your house through the floor, reindeer skins and sheepskins (for a choice that’s a little closer to home) could be perfect for you!


Although these animals have been commercially-bred and naturally-farmed, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable with possessing reindeer hides and sheepskins that once belonged to living creatures. So, if you prefer something equally as beautiful but in a different way, our unique range of stylish rugs are a fantastic alternative to Scandinavian-inspired reindeer furnishings. Beautiful and soft, they will give your home the warmth it deserves.

Warming up outdoor

As Bonfire Night approaches, why not mark the occasion by creating your own garden bonfire? Firepits are a brilliant choice if you’re looking for something that will allow you to stay outdoors while keeping warm, and they’re always a fantastic purchase as a year-round barbecue! Autumn is the perfect time to roast chestnuts on our versatile and functional Dancook firepit and enjoy a nice mulled wine. If you’d like to make your own mulled wine and are looking for a local shop to buy the best produce, our favourite in Barnes is undoubtedly Lea and Sandeman. There, you’ll find expert advice, friendly services, and the perfect place to return to when you’re planning a dinner party for friends and family!

Illuminating your garden

To really enjoy winter nights in your outdoor space, you definitely need a little illumination, except perhaps on Hallowe'en night! If being close to an open fire as you would with the Dancook fire pit isn’t to your liking, we have several more options that you will be comfortable with, including the lovely tea-light holders by Walther & Co, which will shed their soothing light over your dinner table, much to the delight of your guests! Hurricane lanterns, with their timeless feel, can also bring a nice touch to brightening up your outdoors.

How will you be preparing for Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night? Will you be planning a trip to the pub, maybe even our personal favourite Barnes pub, the Bulls Head? Or will you be inviting guests around to roast chestnuts in your garden, in front of a nice, warming bonfire? If we can help you decorate your space with anything from tea-light lanterns or reindeer hides, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Barnes showroom. Whatever you do this Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night, we wish you a lovely time, and hope you have enjoyable evenings outdoors all winter!

24th October 2014

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