5 sun loungers for the summer

5 sun loungers for the summer

Following the success of our first blog on sun loungers we've decided to help you discover an even greater selection of these pieces of furniture perfect to soak in the sun and relax. We have sunbeds for every taste and style, so come and have a look at our most popular ones!

The Escape Sunbed by Cane-Line

The elegant Escape Sunbed is part of Cane-Line's latest collection, and like all of Cane-Line's furniture, it is high quality and almost maintenance free. The sun bed, created by Danish designer Rikke Frost, is made of Cane-Line fibre, which gives it a unique look and makes it extremely comfortable. For extra comfort you can also add a custom-made cushion in Cane-Line's exterior fabric, Cane-Line Tex.

The Alizé Sunlounger

Coming from France, the Alizé sun lounger by Fermob invites you to enjoy a nice day out in the garden, reading a good book or soaking up the sun – or both at the same time! We love its sophisticated design, and with a little imagination if you close your eyes you can picture yourself in the Côte d’Azur! The ergonomic Alizé Sunlounger is made of aluminium, with the backrest and bed made of Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), allowing you to feel extra comfortable while resting. The sun lounger is available in 7 Fermob colours: Liquorice, Steel Grey, Cotton White, Nutmeg, Russet, Fuchsia and Aubergine.

The Alizé Sunlounger XS

The Alizé Sunlounger XS, just like the Alizé Sunlounger, elegantly mixes aluminium and outdoor fabric, but it also boasts 2 seating positions thanks to its adjustable backrest. It is available in 4 colours, Liquorice, Steel Grey, Cotton White and Russet, so if you like the sunlounger but prefer a more modular option, the Alizé Sunlounger XS is definitely worth a look.

The Alizé Deckchair with foot stool

Designed by Pascal Mourgue, who created the Alizé range, the stylish Alizé deckchair comes with a removable footstool to allow you to enjoy your garden or rest by your swimming pool, just the way you like it. On top of it, the backrest is adjustable, so you actually have 4 seating positions available with just one deckchair! Removing the footstool makes the deck chair easier to store, which can come in quite handy if you’re short on space. The Alizé deck chair is available in 7 colours and, like the whole Alizé range, is made of OTF, with an aluminium frame.

The Snooze Deckchair by EMU

The Snooze Deck chair is undoubtedly one of our customers favourites since its introduction last year and is now a bestseller for us at Barbed. It’s a great alternative to the traditional lounger, and it’s also foldable and easy to use. There’s even a matching footstool now available, so what’s not to like about it? We love the simplicity of its design, and the possibility to mix and match colours between the frame and the fabric that forms the seat and the backrest. The chair is made of a steel frame and EMU’s own outdoor textile, Texcloth, and each is available in five colours: Lilac, Green, White, Orange and Bronze. At the moment the EMU deckchair can only be found in our showroom in Barnes, but we deliver all over the UK so just give us a call!


There is no time to enjoy a nice rest on a sun lounger (although we agree it is nicer when the sun is out!), so don’t hesitate to browse our collection of sun loungers and contact us to know of the latest arrivals. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the latest news from the world of design furniture!

22nd August 2014

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