Let there be light!

Let there be light!

Although the sun is rising early now that it's spring, it is not always the case in our beautiful country, and no matter the time of year it is always lovely to have illuminations in your garden so that you can enjoy even the gloomiest British summers. At Barbed we love clever and delightful creations, so let us walk you through some of our favourite lighting features.

Serralunga Paloma

Paloma means dove in Italian, and the Paloma by Serralunga is, just as the name implies, an elegant dove-shaped garden feature which sheds a delicate light around it, giving your garden a little something extra. Its shape, which is just as soft as its hue, will help you create a soothing atmosphere in your outdoor area. The Paloma, like all Serralunga creations, is a charming sculpture in itself before being an outdoor light, so whether you're looking for exterior lighting or for a piece of outdoor art, have a look at the Paloma!

Serralunga Scarlett

Scarlett by Serralunga, or Scarlett 140 and Scarlett 180 to be precise, are two beautiful floor lamps and planters, available in soft hues of fuchsia, yellow, red or white. The Scarlett 140 planter is cigar-shaped, whereas the Scarlett 180 looks more like a traditional vase - and yet it is so much more than a simple ornament! Just like the Paloma, the Scarlett planters are both gorgeous as sculptures and planters but also as outdoor lights with a twist.

Spotlights lighting

In our search for the perfect outdoor lighting, we have come across the clever Lutec and GZ ranges which are far more than regular spotlights. These spotlights have designs and shapes that can blend into your garden and help you create the exact ambiance you're looking for in your outdoor area. At the moment these gorgeous spotlights are only available in our Barnes showroom, along with our friendly help and advice to find the perfect product(s) for you. Size, colour and shape, the choice is yours with these spotlights designed and manufactured in England.

Finding the right outdoor lighting can be a bit tricky, as you want to find the right illumination which is neither too bright nor too dull, and complements the look of your garden fitting with your desired purpose. Whether you're looking to light up your dinner table for your garden parties, create a dreamy atmosphere or simply find your way around your garden at night, be sure that the Barbed team is there to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect outdoor lighting solution, from fairy lights and illuminated sculptures to designer spotlights and multifunctional lamps.

12th May 2014

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