Wondering what Fermob lead times mean? Follow the guide!

Wondering what Fermob lead times mean? Follow the guide!

At Barbed we understand that when you buy a new product, be it a book, a new phone or a garden chair, you want to have it as soon as possible. Who doesn't?

However, no matter how much we want to please our clientele, there are some things that just can't be done, such as having every single piece of outdoor furniture we sell in every colour available. We would love to have everything we offer in our online shop ready to be shipped to you, and available in our showroom, but it would take over half of the town of Barnes just to store every piece of Fermob furniture in the 24 colours they have available!

When you order a piece of furniture from Fermob in a specific colour and size which we don’t have in stock, it is actually made to order, i.e. really just made for you! This is the reason why these products cannot be cancelled or returned, because they have been manufactured expressly to fulfil your order.

Week 1:

You finally found that lovely garden table you wanted, and would love that Cargo table in Poppy, with matching Dune Armchairs, but we don’t have it in stock at the moment. No problem, you just order it online. Our team in Barnes processes your order and sends it onto Fermob, so that your order can be scheduled into the Fermob production line. Your table will be created from scratch in the Fermob factory in Thoissey, about 60 km (37 miles) north of Lyons, in Eastern France.

Week 2:

Let’s get crafting! The talented craftsmen in the Thoissey factory fabricate the aluminium frame and metal parts of your table and chairs. There are 200 members of staff in Thoissey, who use over 3,200 tons of metal a year to create more than 450,000 products every year.

Week 3:

The frame is ready to be treated. For the furniture to become weatherproof, UV-resistant and to stand the elements, they undergo around 20 treatments, starting with anti-corrosion treatments. Once every treatment has been applied, the product is quality tested. We don’t want you to end up with a faulty product that is not weather resistant!

Week 4:

It’s painting time! Week 4 is when products are processed to the painting production team, where they will be powder coated. Your table and chairs are finally fuchsia! It is also time to add the Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF) to your Dune armchairs, since the Dune range is made of an aluminium frame and outdoor fabric.

Week 5:

Final checks are carried out on your furniture, to make sure you receive high quality products. Your table and chairs are subjected to resistance checks, feet caps and accessories (where applicable) are added to the furniture, and quality is checked again. Once the Fermob staff is happy with the items produced, they pack them separately, check that everything is in order, and prepare them for shipping.

Week 6:

Not long to wait now, your products are leaving the Fermob factory in France and are in transit, being shipped Barbed's London Showroom. Once we receive your products, we can finally send them to you.

Week 7:

Activate your guarantee on the Fermob website, then relax in your garden and invite all your friends and family for a barbeque to celebrate your brand new set of outdoor table and chairs made to order just for you!

We hope our little guide answered your questions about lead times, and why production takes up to 6 weeks, but if you have any query or request don’t hesitate to contact us, info@barbed.co.uk, and let us know on social media (TwitterFacebook or Google+) how much you like your brand new made to order Fermob furniture!

11th April 2014

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