Kids Furniture with Fermob

Kids Furniture with Fermob

Here at Barbed we pride ourselves on being the Outdoor Furniture Specialists and offering an extensive range of furniture not only for the smallest of spaces and gardens, but also the smallest members of the family! Kids furniture needs to be tough, durable, fun and bright, so you'll be delighted to know that French manufacturer Fermob has created furniture designed specifically for children. This way, children can feel at home in the garden, with their own table and chairs perfect for them to enjoy the summer months.

The Luxembourg Kid range

The Luxembourg Kid range consists of a chair, armchair, table and bench so you can mix and match combinations, and the range is perfectly adapted to children between 3 and 6 years old. The Luxembourg Kid table can be used as a dining or even drawing table for children, and as a low table or footstool when only adults are around. The Luxembourg Kid Chair and the Luxembourg Kid Bench are just too cute for words, almost as adorable as the tiny Luxembourg chairs that are available all year round but especially around Christmas time as Christmas tree decorations! Whether you want to create a children-friendly garden or set a theme such as a fairy tale with fairy lights, the Luxembourg Kid range is brilliant, and goes well alongside the Luxembourg range.

The Tom Pouce range

Tom Pouce is French for Tom Thumb, the classic fairy tale character. Don’t worry however, you don’t need to be just as big as a thumb to use the Tom Pouce Chair and the Tom Pouce Table! If you are familiar with Fermob’s iconic furniture, you will probably have noticed that the Tom Pouce set looks very much like the Bistro range. Indeed, just as Luxembourg Kid is the miniature version of the Luxembourg range, the Tom Pouce range is the miniature version of the Bistro range. Like all Fermob furniture this children furniture is weather resistant, high-quality, and extremely colourful with 24 colours to choose from!

It is the 125th anniversary of the Bistro chair, so why not celebrate by treating your children to their own version of the iconic chair?

It can be difficult at times to find the right garden furniture when you have children around, and it is generally nicer to have furniture their size, and something that you can use both inside and out. Quality and sturdiness is also an advantage in children’s furniture, as you want children to be able to play around without risking breaking anything or getting hurt. With Fermob’s high-quality aluminium furniture you can be safe in knowing that it will withstand the elements and is not dangerous for toddlers to use.

If you want to know more about Fermob furniture in general and the Tom Pouce and Luxembourg Kid ranges in particular, feel free to contact us!

25th April 2014

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