Our guide to finding the right dining chair

Our guide to finding the right dining chair

This may sound silly to some, but we believe that finding furniture is a difficult task. Sometimes there is so much choice out there - good and bad - that it is hard to find the one piece of furniture that suits us best. We generally have an idea in mind but it’s often easier to know what we don’t want that what we want, and outdoor furniture is no different from indoor furniture in that respect. So if, like us, you think it's important to have choice, and need a little help to sort things out (-door!), here is our guide to finding the perfect dining chair, with a selection of dining chairs from various garden furniture manufacturers.

The furniture we choose is highly representative of us: it shows our personality and our character. The colour of the furniture we have says a lot about us: a shy or quiet person would prefer soft hues, when someone more outgoing may go for bright and bold colours – and nowadays where colour is concerned, the sky is the limit!

Cane-Line Edge Chair

The Edge Chair by Cane-Line is, like all Cane-Line furniture, low maintenance, but what we like most about it is its rope design, which makes it light and, to some extent, see-through, allowing it to blend in your outdoor space – just enough to fit just right. Its frame is made of aluminium, and the bottom and back of the chair are made of thermoplastic fibre, adding extra comfort to this angular seat. The Edge Chair by Cane-Line is available in one colour at the moment, anthracite.

Fermob Luxembourg Chair

We can’t write about chairs without mentioning the ultra-iconic Luxembourg Chair made by French manufacturer Fermob. Available in 24 different colours, from Liquorice and Plum to Capucine and Turquoise, the Luxembourg Chair is made of aluminium and has a soft structure, all in subtly round shapes which makes the chair, armchair, low chair and high-chair so comfy to sit in! What makes the Luxembourg chair so emblematic is the fact that it represents France, and in particular Paris in everyone’s minds, even if you may not be aware of it. Indeed, the Luxembourg chairs are replicas of the very same chairs at the Luxembourg garden in Paris - although the very special colour is distinct to the Jardin du Luxembourg, it’s a one of a kind - and the closest match would be the woody green tone of cedar green. To us, it has a feel of holidays to it, carries memories of our trips to Paris, and it’s comfortable too, what more could we ask?

Fermob Costa Chair

The Costa Chair by Fermob is more of a structured dining chair than the Luxembourg chair with its comfy curves, as its back is straighter and wider. This less angular frame is softened by the use of OTF Fabric, giving your back something to rest onto. Plus if you want a lightweight and easy to store solution then the Costa chair is for you. These chairs combine an aluminium frame with weather-resistant, outdoor fabric, and also are accompanied with the low-chair range if you want to create a matching lounging zone which matches your dining area. In terms of colours, you have a choice of 10 lovely colours from soft Verbena Green and Savanna (which you can both see in our showroom) to bold Fuchsia.

EMU Heaven Chair

"Heaven, I'm in Heaven…"

Sit in the Heaven Chair by EMU and tell us you don’t think of the song, while being supported by the lovely woven net of this light dining chair available in Black, White and Aluminium Grey. The chair itself, which was created by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer EMU, is made of steel and steel wire, making it sturdy yet light-looking and comfortably curvy.

With over 50 years of expertise, Italian manufacturer Kartell has proven to be one of the best and most imaginative companies when it comes to creating plastic furniture. Their skilled use of polycarbonate, batch-dyed or transparent, gave birth to the stylish Louis Ghost Chair in 2002, already 12 years ago, an homage to the Louis XV Chairs with a very baroque and modern twist. If you prefer plastic to metal in your garden, then Kartell chairs are definitely worth a look! Louis Ghost Chairs are available in different colours, please don’t hesitate to ask us.Kartell Louis Ghost Chair

Fermob 1900 Flocked Chair

Back to French manufacture, the Flocked Chair by Fermob in Fuchsia is an amazing piece of furniture. This chair has a perfect indoor look with soft flocking complementing the soft style of a 1900 chair. We love this bold indoor chair which will delight collectors, since the 1900 flocked chairs are a limited edition of 100. If you want a collectible piece of furniture, come get yours while they last!

Kartell Papyrus Chair

The Papyrus Chair by Kartell is another example of Italian craftsmanship and French design. The chair, created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is highly original, delightfully snug, and definitely vintage. If you want to see these chairs - perfect indoors and outdoors - for yourself, we have them in Smoke Brown and Olive Green in our showroom. The Papyrus chair in alternate colours is also available to order. 

Rockingham Chair

We particularly like the Rockingham chair because it is like no other we have introduced before, and it is crafted in England by talented craftspeople who are truly inspiring. Made of wood and manufactured in the Midlands, this Rocking chair which gives a modern twist to the classic Windsor chair and demonstrates high-quality British craftsmanship can also be made as a dining chair. The chairs are made to order and available in numerous colours, so if you want a unique hand-crafted chair made of ash and oak or ash and walnut don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have you found the perfect chair yet? Don’t hesitate to browse our website to find the right dining chair for you, we have over 90 different chairs to choose from!

14th March 2014

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