Visiting the Fermob shop in Paris

Visiting the Fermob shop in Paris

One of our team members, Marion, spent Christmas in Paris and took the opportunity to visit the Fermob shop, avenue Ledru-Rollin in the 12th arrondissement. She tells us about her visit:

The Fermob shop

Since I was in Paris I was curious to see the Fermob shop I heard so much about. After all, Barbed is Fermob's first UK shop in shop so it made sense for me to pay them a visit. I went there on 30th December, a very quiet business day. The Fermob atmosphere welcomes you even before you enter the shop, as you can see from a distance a large red Ange chair – you know, the 1900 chair redesigned by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - painted on the shop window, with the Fermob logo next to it. Hard to miss! On a grey winter’s day, the Fermob shop is an oasis of bright and warm colours. And they even have some Fatboy Edison the Petit lamps!


A haven of design

The shop is located in an old building, with an inner court, or maybe I should say two inner courts, as there is an inner court attached to the whole residence, and a small one – almost a corridor in the open – linking to a showroom dedicated to the Fermob chairs. 

You can see Bistro chairs, a few loungers, customised chairs like the Veuve Clicquot chair (the classic Bistro chair) and the Paul chair (Dune chair made of steel and fabric, very comfy!) and on the wall a whole installation to show the Fermob Idoles. Even the small pathway leading to the chair showroom is customised and decorated, with a few garlands, torches and candles, but also a lovely fuchsia Louisiane bench that invites you to sit down, and the whole Luxembourg kid range by the door - a table, a chair and a bench, in various colours.


Lovely décor and great staff!

We know it very well here at Barbed, having a beautiful showroom isn’t just about the furniture, it’s also about having a great team! Fermob didn’t disappoint, I had a lovely chat with Marie and Mathilde who showed me around the showroom, told me the layout was changed every 2 months to keep fresh and up-to-date, answered my questions and showed me the new Honey colour and a brand new colour chart updated with Honey and Capucine, the new colours of 2014. Don’t worry - we have ours in store now!

After my visit to the Fermob shop I went to Place de la République to see if the Poppy Luxembourg chairs were still there but unfortunately they weren't there anymore!


If you want to see our showroom and the beautiful Fermob furniture we have in store please feel free to drop by and you won’t be disappointed, I can promise you that! Don’t forget to stay tuned on TwitterFacebook and Google+ for the latest news about outdoor furniture in general and Fermob in particular! And if you want to see all our pictures from Paris, check out our Pinterest board!

10th January 2014

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