Top 6 Scandinavian must-haves this Christmas

Top 6 Scandinavian must-haves this Christmas

Now that we're in December, we can officially mention Christmas and it's time to seriously begin preparing for it - if you haven't started already! With only a few weeks to go, you may be hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, alongside tree decorations, and essential Christmas presents. Ideally, gift-giving should be pleasing for everyone: you should delight in making someone you love happy, and the gift should please the person it's offered to. This is pretty tricky to achieve, which is why at Barbed we've decided to give you a hand. If you're a couple, you can decide to use Christmas as an excuse to get that outdoor bench you've been eyeing all year, but outdoor furniture is not the kind a present you would usually give friends and family. For smaller gifts, you can turn to Scandinavian designs and creations:

Ester & Erik Cone and Pillar Candles

Candles are a must-have for Christmas, so what better than Ester & Erik's handmade, colourful candles to light up the end of year? Ester & Erik candles are handmade in Denmark using traditional methods, for more authenticity. Their cone and pillar candles are available in dozens of colours, so whatever your colour scheme is this year, you're sure to find candles with a matching hue! Ours is white and gold, what's yours?

Christmas candles & wreaths

Ester & Erik candles look fab all year round, but by pairing them with some small wreaths you can make them that little bit more festive, and use them to decorate your table, mantelpiece, etc. In our Barnes showroom we also have some bigger wreaths to put up on your front door or on your walls.

Reindeer skins and sheepskin cushions

Why not warm up your interior with our natural reindeer skins from reindeers raised in ethical farms in Finland? They're the perfect addition to your living room floor, or a fantastic addition to your blankets and covers (because what’s Christmas without wrapping up warm?); these reindeer hides can make your home feel like a relaxing log cabin and you won’t even need a fireplace! If you prefer cushions to hides, we have premium sheepskin cushions that will give a gorgeous touch to your seating area or bedroom.

Fabric and glass baubles and tree decorations

We have beautiful Nordmann Fir trees in our showroom that are awaiting a warm home for Christmas. Whether you already have a Christmas tree or still need one, if you're looking to decorate it, we have just the thing: we have beautiful, chic fabric baubles in shades of silver, which are guaranteed breakage-free if you have children or pets that may be tempted to play with them! If you're more daring, you will just love our stunning glass baubles, real pieces of art with a frozen look so realistic you'd swear they've really spent some time outside!

Creative decoration displays

When Christmas dinner is at your place, if you're like us you'll want to make an extra effort when it comes to decorating your home – and your dinner table! This is why we have striking creative decoration displays, from larger than life corals and paper snowflakes to reindeers and sleighs made from birch ply. We also have life-size sleighs if you want to present your Christmas gift (pun intended) in a fun way!

Table and mantel décor

Candles and candle wreaths make for beautiful, warm table decorations, and you can add an extra touch of colour to the whole with some of our birch ply Christmas trees and reindeers available in various sizes (with small reindeers tinted red, yellow, blue or green). We also have festive trees made of glass, reindeers made of wool and wood, ceramic bowls and much more to make your Christmas dinner and décor memorable.


Have you visited our Winter Wonderland yet? Our doors are open everyday (with extended hours in December), so if you're looking for the perfect Christmas gifts or decorations, come and see us! We'll even be open until 9pm on 11th December for the Barnes Late-Night Shopping event, where many of Barnes' businesses will open late for a stress-free evening of chat and shopping.

11th December 2015

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