Meet the Barbed team

Meet the Barbed team

We often talk about "the Barbed team", so we thought that this time we could tell you a bit more about the individuals who share with you their love for contemporary design furniture and outdoor accessories. What every Barbed employee has in common is a creative side, and everyone takes part in everything around the showroom, but everybody brings something special to the team. Meet them now!

Annie, Director, in charge of purchases

Annie graduated from Art College, and after working for 30 years in the dental sales industry, she came back to her first love by setting up Barbed with her husband Graham. When they redesigned their house, they struggled to find outdoor furniture they liked, and decided to help other people in similar situations find the perfect garden furniture.

Annie is creative, she has an eye for spotting trends and she definitely has a talent when it comes to associating colours. She has a passion for antiques and vintage items, of which she has a massive collection!

Annie is the person behind the name “Barbed”, and she is in charge of purchases.

Fun fact

Annie was the first woman to become president of the British Dental Industry Association.

Annie's favourite

Annie's favourites are Ester & Erik candles, because they are tall, elegant, burn beautifully and come in colours that match every season.

Graham, Director and Manager

Graham's professional life before Barbed was extremely varied: he worked as a miner in a quarry, sold rubber toys for dogs, was a commercial yachtmaster and instructor... He also ran a warehousing company for 10 years before setting up Barbed with Annie.

He and Annie travel the world together visiting furniture and design fairs to get inspiration and find new products for the showroom.

Graham is in charge of strategy and finance. Thanks to his engineering background, he has a keen eye for quality build, which allows him to only pick the best quality furniture.

Fun fact

Graham was a professional sailor and travelled the seas for years. He still sails whenever he has the chance.

Graham's favourite

Graham loves the Hive, comfortable and unique hanging chair that has been one of Barbed's beloved features for years now.

Shane, in charge of the warehouse

Shane graduated in interior design, and joined Barbed in 2014. He is mainly responsible for the warehouse, making sure that we don't run out of our best-selling furniture. Not only does Shane order new products, he also has the challenging task of keeping the warehouse in order when deliveries arrive. Furthermore, he ensures that online orders are dispatched as soon as possible.

Fun fact

Shane loves making things, and designed his own streetwear clothing line (mainly t-shirts).

Shane's favourite

Shane has two favourites at Barbed: the Vilda torch by Ester & Erik, and the Headdemock hammock by Fatboy. Who can resist a giant-sized hammock?

Monique, Marketing and Advertising

Monique joined Barbed in 2012 when she moved from her native country New Zealand to England. A graphic designer, she used to work in interior design, and created her own design company in 2007. She has been freelancing for Barbed since 2013, and is in charge of marketing and advertising. If you've subscribed to our newsletter, then you've already seen some of her work!

Fun fact

Monique has visited 42 countries (and not only to watch the All Blacks play!) and hopes to reach 50 by the end of next year.

Monique's favourite

Monique is partial to Ester & Erik candles (especially in turquoise) and her favourite piece of garden furniture is the Coro SG Lounger/Chair.

Nick, Sales assistant

Nick, who arrived at Barbed in 2014, is the youngest of the team. Enthusiastic and chatty, he's a great sales assistant, and also an actor; he attends acting school to perfect his craft. He's also in the process of writing a book. He is in charge of adding new products to the website, such as the whole Cane-Line collection or the Gandia Blasco online shop.

Fun fact

Graham and Annie have known Nick for years; the first time they saw him, it was at a friend's party. He was about ten and carrying drink trays around for the guests!

Nick's favourite

His favourite item is the Coro low armchair in black rope.

Melyssa, Sales assistant

Melyssa is the latest employee to have joined the Barbed team, in 2015. Melyssa joined the team as a Sales assistant in preparation for our expansion. She helps around the showroom, and also goes to furniture and gift fairs around the UK.

Fun fact

Melyssa went to singing school and is a professional session singer. She is also a member of a hula hoop group.

Melyssa's favourite

Melyssa's favourite item available at Barbed is undoubtedly the Vilda torch by Ester & Erik. The look of it is so simple yet sleek, and she loves that you can have it displayed in the 2 different heights, and can be used on all surfaces. Not only are they versatile, they also last 20 hours. Melyssa's final reason for loving the Vilda torch is its price. At only £55, it’s definitely a no brainer to buy for yourself or as a gift. What’s not to like about them?

13th November 2015

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