Top 5 Garden Accessory Gifts

Top 5 Garden Accessory Gifts

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. 

- Alfred Austin. 

When you love your garden, you want the best tools to take care of it. You may see with a keen eye accessories that have been around for ages, like hoses and garden buckets, but who said you couldn't have tools that were both designer and useful? We certainly did not! If you love design and want something that makes a statement, or if you're looking for a unique, personalised gift for a garden lover, keep on reading!

Garden Hoses for the fashionista

If catwalks are your thing and you spend your time off fluttering between fashion shows and your garden, the Garden Glory garden hoses are just what you need to add a touch of colour and elegance to your outdoor area. You don't need to like catwalks to appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous hoses though! Originally available in delectable Candy Crush, stylish Black Swan or refined Graceful Rock, the garden hoses can now also be found in Autumn Red, Autumn Green, White Snake and Gold Digger. These Scandinavian hoses definitely turned heads at this year's GROW London garden fair; will you be next to fall under their spell?

Reindeer Wall Mounts – not just for Christmas!

What better accompaniment to the Garden Glory hoses than a Reindeer Wall mount? If you have a hose you must find a way to store it, so have some fun and make your hose and its wall mount a true feature of your garden. We dare say golden reindeer antlers will do just that! Furthermore, if you're hunting for Christmas presents at the moment, reindeers are quite seasonal!

Laorus Hoses

Laorus is a French company which manufactures garden accessories - namely hoses, fountains and water buckets – with a vintage look and a contemporary design. The Laorus hoses and mount come in a variety of colours that can harmoniously blend with your garden and outdoor furniture.

Ohlala Watering Cans

If you only have a patio or a balcony, you don't need a hose, but you do need a watering can, and we have the perfect one: the Ohlala Watering Can. Available in a wide range of colours – for all seasons, to fit your mood, or to be in harmony with the colour of your garden furniture – the Ohlala watering will soon prove essential to you. With its round shape and easy-to-grab handle, this watering can was another big favourite at GROW London.

Pappelina Rugs

We've talked a lot about watering accessories, but the best thing after watering your garden or patio is to avoid making a mess when going back indoors! This is why we'd like to introduce to you the Pappelina rugs, which are outdoor rugs made in Sweden with traditional weaving techniques. We would be exaggerating (just a tad!) if we said that the number of patterns available was unlimited, but the choice is so wide that it sometimes feels like it is infinite! This means that you are sure to find colours and patterns that you'll like. These outdoor rugs are resistant and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


There are numerous ways of enjoying your garden, but having the right tools is paramount, and it's even better when your accessories match your personality. If you're a gardener, the end of the year is the perfect time to treat yourself. We know you want to! And if you're on the lookout for something that will make the day of a gardener you know, browse our online shop, or even better, come along to our showroom in Barnes or our pop-up shop in Hammersmith to see what we have to offer!

27th November 2015

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