Light up your garden with outdoor candles and exterior lighting

Light up your garden with outdoor candles and exterior lighting

On 25th October the clocks officially go back an hour and we have to say goodbye to British Summer Time, which means that the sun will go down way too soon in the day. However it also means that we can begin enjoying autumn and prepare for the run up to Christmas, so there’s never been a better time to light up your garden and fill your outdoor area with exterior lighting! Autumn and winter nights can feel cold and long, but they're so much nicer with good lighting, don’t you agree? At Barbed we offer a wide variety of gorgeous lighting options in the shape of torches, outdoor candles, illuminated sculptures, fairy lights or lanterns, so no matter what style suits your personality, we’re sure you can find the perfect lighting for your garden!

Outdoor candles by Ester & Erik

Nothing beats the beauty of a candle flame. If you love to fill your home with candles, Ester & Erik is ideal: handmade in Denmark, Ester & Erik candles burn slowly and steadily, and self-extinguish once they have burnt out. Rustic Pillar candles are solid wax candles available in various sizes, from petit to tall, which will illuminate your dining table with a unique glow. Their base is large enough to make them steady, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

The Vilda candle is a torch that was specifically designed for the outdoors. The garden torch is made from powder-coated steel and mango wood, which makes it stylish yet resistant to the elements. It comes with a garden stake to allow you to plant it in soil or sand should you wish to. Of course, safety can be an issue with candles if you’re not careful, so it’s understandable that you may prefer electric lighting - in which case we have some perfect items for you below!

Lanterns by Gandia Blasco

If you want to use candles outdoors, but would like a stylish option to decorate your home with, a lantern can easily solve that problem! We have some beautiful lantern options in our showroom made from Zinc or Copper - the perfect reason to come in and visit us, don’t you think? Alternatively, if you are looking for something different, a real statement piece, then Gandia Blasco’s contemporary-designed lanterns are ideal. Following through with the Gandia Blasco design aesthetic, these pieces put an emphasis on lighting; these candle boxes have a frame made from anodised aluminium and panes in either transparent or coloured methacrylate. This makes Gandia Blasco lanterns ideal to light up your way if you want to walk around your garden at night, or on the beach for instance, and you can safely put them on the table if you want to have dinner outside. The lanterns can be square or rectangular, and the rectangular lanterns can be held either horizontally or vertically.

Illuminated sculptures by Serralunga

After Danish candles with Ester & Erik, and Spanish lanterns with Gandia Blasco, let’s talk about Italian illuminated sculptures. Serralunga has grown increasingly popular these past few years thanks to their lovely designs and their clever idea to create plastic sculptures that can turn into lamps, combining art and usefulness. Some of Serralunga’s creations are not illuminated, like Doggy, but most of them have this option. We could spend all day naming all the amazing sculptures created by the Italian design company, but since we’ve mentioned the Alba lamps not long ago, we’ll stick to the latest additions: Pulcino and Honey.

Pulcino (chick in Italian) is a smaller version of the customers favourite Paloma which triples up as a bench, being also a lamp and a sculpture.

Serralunga also designs items which are primarily lights, such as the elegant Honey lantern. This rounded, beehive-shaped outdoor lamp boasts a handle that allows the lucky owner to carry it around should they wish to. It also looks great simply set down on the floor!

Outdoor chandelier by Fatboy

Yes, you heard us, we are indeed talking about a chandelier that is safe to go outdoors. Practical issues will make it better suited to a veranda, but should your wiring allow it, it can look great suspended from a tree or a canopy. The RockCoco chandelier is a modern take on a baroque design, and just as quirky as you would expect from Dutch design company Fatboy, which also created the Edison lamps. Transparent with visible red wiring, the chandelier is just perfect if you’re looking for a unique way of lighting up your garden!


When it comes to exterior lighting, the choice is growing wider every year, so whether you prefer electric lights or candlelight, in whatever shape or material, you can be sure to find just what you’re looking for, providing you know where to look, and that’s where we come in! We make it our life’s work to discover all the best designs that exist around the world, to offer them to you in both of our Barbed showrooms, in Barnes and now in Hammersmith, W6. If you can’t find what you want online, feel free to call us or pop by and we’ll assist you!

9th October 2015

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