5 of the Best: Outdoor Tables

5 of the Best: Outdoor Tables

No matter the weather, a table in your garden is always handy. An outdoor table can be used in a variety of ways: if you've spent time cultivating the perfect outdoor landscape, of course you'll want to be able to have somewhere to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of your work. Perhaps you just need somewhere within easy reach to keep your garden tools, or you just want somewhere to entertain guests when they come over. No matter what you do with your garden table, you will want it to be resistant and sturdy, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style and design. This is why we have some great finds for you to choose from in this blog – and plenty more in the Barbed showroom and Pop Up Shop!

Gandia Blasco Stack Table

We’re absolutely ecstatic to be selling Gandia Blasco furniture online (a first in the UK!), because we love the furniture's contemporary designs from some of Spain’s most forward thinking designers. The Stack collection is a selection of stackable, stylish furniture, of which the Stack Table, rectangular and with a sleek design, is a perfect example. If you only want to accommodate a few people and prefer round tables, you may also want to check out the Pedestal Table. The Stack tables are made of thermo-lacquered aluminium and phenolic board, and are available either in pure white, or in various colours: Sand, Anthracite, Bronze, Silver, Pistachio, Turquoise, Coral and Camel. When it comes to size, you have 8 different sizes to choose from, so if you like the style of the Gandia Blasco tables, you’re sure to find just the size and colour you need!

Fermob Costa Table

Fermob offers all types of furniture, in (almost!) every colour imaginable. The French manufacturer has designed tables for over 40 different collections (all available in a selection of sizes), but the one we’d like to mention is one of the most versatile and popular – The Costa. The Costa Low Table is brilliant if you are setting up a lounge area in your garden, while the clever Costa extending table which has an easy to use extension mechanism allows you to increase seating capacity at will. With a clean design and crisp lines, the Costa tables are made of powder-coated aluminium and undergo an intensive protective treatment to withstand the elements. Unlike some other tables, the Costa extending table is flat-packed, which means that some assembly is required, but also that it’s very handy to store away or to carry, if you move house for instance.

Fermob Bellevie

The Bellevie Table by Fermob is another example of French design at its best. The rectangular table, made from aluminium, was created by designers Pagnon & Pelhaître; it boast a very stylish contemporary look with a long sleek table top and rounded edges, which produces a truly versatile piece which is often purchased by our customers for dining rooms and kitchens making it one of the most popular in the Fermob ranges. We particularly love the geometrical pattern of the table and its base which you can appreciate even if maths is not your thing!

Cane-line Edge

We’ve decided to feature the whole Cane-Line range in our online shop, so if you’re looking for some Danish outdoor furniture, this is the perfect place to go. Just like Fermob, Cane-Line offers a wide range of tables in their various collections, and although we love them all, we have chosen to highlight our favourite - the Edge table. Made in stainless steel and outdoor HPL, the Edge table is an extendable table, which means that it can seat up to 10 people, but doesn’t take up as much space. Its material also makes it ultra-resistant to both weather and scratches, and basically maintenance-free. You can add 2 leaves to the table, meaning that you have 2 extendable sizes, to reach a maximum size of 330cm – plenty of room to invite friends and family over and entertain. The extensions are cleverly designed to be hidden inside the table so that the aesthetic of the table is preserved.

Mathias Claerhout Table

Last, but not least, comes Mathias Claerhout. The Belgian designer, father of the Firelily, has worked on some projects which can be seen in Bruges and Antwerp, such as his Stairway to Heaven or Wave Bench. The table, designed by Mathias Claerhout, is a majestic rectangular outdoor table made from stainless steel with a top in black or white polyamide. Its simplicity is what makes it so appealing, and if you like your garden to be full of life – and friends - then the table is big enough to accommodate everyone. Mathias Clarehout also takes on commission work so can design a table for those situations that require an extra-large or extended dimension for special landscapes and gardens.

Tables are a garden must-have if you spend any time enjoying your very own slice of nature. A table should be highly resistant in order to withstand the weather (especially in the UK!), and if you like having dinner outdoors, you will also want it to be big enough for your needs. Extendable tables are the perfect design if you lack space or want to create a multi-purpose space. Thanks to today’s clever furniture designers, you can be pretty confident that you will find the size, colour, material and design that fits with your concept of the perfect garden table. Feel free to pop by our showroom in Barnes for a chat if you want some advice!

11th September 2015

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