Pavilions and Outdoor Rooms: the perfect way to enjoy autumn evenings

Pavilions and Outdoor Rooms: the perfect way to enjoy autumn evenings

With summer now officially over, we can warmly welcome autumn into our lives and all the joy it brings. As the temperatures start to drop and the nights close in, many people can suffer from the autumn blues! However, autumn is a spectacular time of year, and perhaps the perfect time of year to enjoy your garden. With a pavilion or outdoor room, you are able to spend a relaxing evening in your garden, without having to worry about the chill getting to you – autumn is a magical season, and it would be a shame to miss it.


There’s no better way to shelter yourself from the breeziness of autumn evenings than with a pavilion, the covered top allows you to stay safe from the elements, while the retractable sides can be closed if the weather gets just a bit too wet and windy, or you can throw them open and allow everyone to enjoy their surroundings (we’re sure you didn’t cultivate a magnificent aesthetic for your garden not to enjoy it!).

Our favourite is the Axminster by Cane-Line, which combines the traditional pavilion design with a more contemporary feel. The Axminster has the advantage of being both weatherproof and low maintenance, so you can relax knowing that this pavilion is going to make your autumn evenings extremely pleasant.

With the Axminster, you will need the dedicated Anchoring System, which keeps the pavilion stable without compromising the pavilion’s modern look; another clever design system from our favourite Danish designers Cane-line.

Another great product (which isn’t strictly a pavilion) is the Hyde Parasol, also from Cane-line. We’ve had customers purchase this parasol – which is manoeuvrable on a tilted pole system – for its size and versatility so that they can cover their entire urban garden and use the area all year round. Because of this great feedback we couldn’t not mention it!

Outdoor rooms

Of course, when it gets closer to winter, and even winter itself, a pavilion just isn’t going to help you keep warm, and that’s where Gandia Blasco’s Cristal Box can prove extremely useful!

The Cristal Box incorporates the sleekness and elegance that Gandia Blasco are known for with a winter garden, so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space without getting cold. The Cristal box comes in three varying sizes, making it suitable for any exterior area, and it can also be personalised to perfectly match your decorative ideals.  

Making the night perfect, with accessories

You have the perfect pavilion or outdoor room to see autumn unfold, now, to add a touch of seasonal magic, you need the perfect accessories.

To keep yourself warm during the chilly evenings, why not replicate the magic of sitting around a camp fire with the Dancook Firepit? The Firepit boasts a gorgeous design, but is also sturdy and can be used as a barbecue; imagine eating slow cooked foods thanks to the Firepit Revolving Holder, or you could convert the Firepit into a table with the stainless steel lid. If you want something truly captivating, then you will love the Mathias Claerhout Firelily. Ingeniously designed from three equally shaped interconnecting stainless steel pieces, these perfectly designed ‘petals’ sit together to form the ‘Lily’ making this a stunning sculptural piece for the garden.

It’s no secret that we love outdoor cushions, they instantly transform an exterior space into a convincing liveable area, and they’re perfect to cuddle up to while you’re sitting under your pavilion. Though these cushions are weather-resistant, and easy to clean, you could also neatly store them in the beautifully designed Skye Cushion Box; made from black fibreglass, it can seamlessly blend into every garden. Soon autumn will become your favourite season!

At Barbed, we love outdoor furniture so much that we’ve opened a second location with a Pop Up shop on King Street, London. The Pop Up shop will be open until mid November when we will close again whilst we refurbish the amazing space behind it. This gives us the opportunity to present more exciting pieces and designs - and will be opening in early - mid 2016. Perfect timing for the new spring/summer season. For more information about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit either one of our showrooms!

25th September 2015

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