In marketing, cleverness is key

In marketing, cleverness is key

Social media marketing is fantastic, it gives companies the opportunity to portray their brand personality, and when it's done well, it can produce excellent results. At Barbed, we thought we would write about something different for this post and discuss two of our favourite social media presences: Fatboy and Garden Glory; both outdoor furniture companies do a fantastic job using social media to sell their brand and their products.

Fun at Fatboy

Fatboy’s ethos is relaxation and fun, their oversized beanbags and hammocks prove that these are people who place their priorities on lounging in style, but lounging nonetheless. You just need to look at their Non-Flying Carpet to know that this is a brand with a fantastically comical attitude.

This sense of humour comes through when you look at Fatboy’s Instagram page. There are several videos that give a behind-the-scenes look at the Dutch company’s warehouse, for example, this video, which shows the team running around a larger-than-life assault course. There is also a tongue-in-cheek guidance video on how not to use their Headdemock hammocks!

Fatboy describes itself as being a company with ‘a creative spirit and a sense of humour’, and by looking at their social media accounts, this is clearly true.  

The Gorgeous Missgardenglory

The Garden Glory Hose is one of our favourite garden accessories here at Barbed; its design manages to make the plain old garden hose appear fashion forward, and, because it comes in three sleek colours, it’s the perfect garden accessory for even the most elegant gardener. There is even a galvanised metal reindeer horn mount, which can be used to keep your hose secure and tidy when not in use.

But what about the Scandinavian designer of the Garden Glory hose? While Fatboy works on the image of a large, fun-but-boisterous family, Garden Glory is a much more personal. The face of Garden Glory is not several people, but only one: Linda Brattlöf, or as she’s known on Twitter, Miss Garden Glory. While most company websites have a company history page, Garden Glory has ‘My Story’ instead; the page works as a biography for Ms Brattlöf, detailing how she came up with the luxurious design of the Garden Glory hose. This page works fantastically because Ms Brattlöf isn’t selling a wide range of products, but rather one very specific personal creation.

For final proof that Ms Brattlöf truly understands her product, and equally, her audience, you need to only take a look at her Instagram page which is filled with images that look as though they’ve been taken by a professional fashion photographer. The hose folds around itself to give the appearance of being a handbag, and honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up in Vogue as next season’s must-have fashion accessory, regardless of the fact that you can’t actually store anything in it!

If you’re interested in our Fatboy or Garden Glory products, or any other piece in our beautiful collection of contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories, visit our online shop today, or pop by our showroom in Barnes. If you have any questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

14th August 2015

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