Exclusive: Barbed Pop Up Shop! Choose furniture that never goes out of season

Exclusive: Barbed Pop Up Shop! Choose furniture that never goes out of season

As you know if you follow our blog, Barbed turned 10 this year. We've created a loyal customer base (and many friends) in Barnes and we knew the team was ready for a new challenge - and what better than to grow and open a second showroom in the London area? This will allow us to feature even more gorgeous outdoor furniture by talented designers from all over the world, and we can’t wait to show it to you!

When, where, why?

The world of designer accessories and contemporary outdoor furniture evolves constantly, and there’s never a dull day at Barbed, but still it adds a little bit of spice to our lives to start this new adventure; we’ll get to discover a new neighbourhood and a new clientele, and have the chance to share our love of outdoor furniture with a greater number of people! We're excited, to say the least?

After months of searching for the right spot, the perfect opportunity (and location) presented itself at 391 King Street, Hammersmith, W6, on the border of Hammersmith and Chiswick a few minutes’ walk from Stamford Brook station, on District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines.

In its former life the space was a bike shop and we have refit (or rather deconstructed) the showroom by stripping it back to its architectural bones, to present the Barbed Pop Up Shop! In collaboration with some of our favourite manufacturers we are presenting some of the most popular collections along with some new ranges. With exposed brick and reclaimed wood panelling, the new shop is the perfect canvas for the vibrant colour palettes so many of our manufacturers possess.

Why a Pop Up Shop?

Our Barnes showroom is a cavern of design inspiration and delight for our customers and we want to be able to present customers with a new exciting retail experience. That generally means a lot of building work! So we have decided to open the Barbed Pop Up shop while the rest of the new showroom gets built in the background. Something exciting to look forward to right?

We can't wait to open this new showroom in its full glory in our new W6 home and we'll organise a grand opening next spring. But in the meantime we are going to enjoy the fun of the Pop Up shop, like we did when we showcased Fermob at our NEO Pop Up in Southwark. What better way to celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend than by visiting the Pop Up shop?

Our second showroom is on its way: what to expect?

In terms of ranges and manufacturers/designers being stocked, we'll have a selection of Fermob favourites (of course!), such as Luxembourg and Bistro. Being the UK's first Fermob shop-in-shop, we couldn't miss the opportunity to showcase the French manufacturer and its iconic pieces of outdoor furniture. Furthermore, seeing how gloomy the weather has been lately, we all definitely need a little colour in our lives, so Fermob's 25 hues are perfect for that!

Our Fermob products will be accompanied by interior and exterior lighting, such as Ester & Erik candles, and accessories designed for the garden (but we won't judge if you give into temptation and put the, indoors too!) If you've already seen our Barnes showroom, you already have an idea of what our Hammersmith showroom will look like, and what the atmosphere will be like, but you should definitely visit our Hammersmith store so you can compare for yourself!

We could spend all day telling you about our exciting new venture, but a blog wouldn't do it justice, so why don't you come and visit? 391 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9NJ. The doors open on 29th August!

28th August 2015

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