A summer night's dream with Serralunga's glowing sculptures

A summer night's dream with Serralunga's glowing sculptures

At Barbed, we love a warm summer's night, don't you? The nice weather is perfect for enjoying a good barbecue with friends and family, and you can stay up late to enjoy the company - and the temperature. Even if nights have begun to shorten from 21st June, which marked the summer solstice, we still have some beautiful nights ahead of us. What better way to make the most of the night than with gorgeous lights that illuminate your outdoor space with a dreamlike glow? We have the perfect outdoor lights for you, brought to us by Italian manufacturer, Serralunga.

Light(s) made in Italy

Serralunga’s creations reflect an Italian romanticism and an innate love of all things beautiful, so why not celebrate the beauty of a summer’s night with Serralunga’s gorgeous lights? If you want to create an exterior ambiance in your garden, or in your home, Serralunga is the go-to design company. Their lamps are not just lamps, they are sculptures, planters, or benches - with Serralunga, you aren’t buying just a lamp, you are buying art.

Pulcino, Paloma’s little chick

We probably don’t need to introduce the famous Paloma, the illuminated dove-shaped bench which even caught the eye of the Financial Times last spring. This gorgeously shaped bench exists in 2 versions: a non-illuminated one, and an illuminated one. These benches are perfect for appreciating your garden and relaxing on a warm summer’s night, and the illuminated design means you never again have to worry about misplacing your bench! The Pulcino (which means chick in Italian, as in the young of a bird) is very similar to the Paloma, only smaller, with an 80cm width (against the Paloma’s 130cm). Both the Paloma and the Pulcino have the same ‘father’, Finnish designer, Eero Aarnio. The Pulcino is highly decorative, and this adorable sculpture can even float. Whether you want to illuminate your outdoors in a romantic way, or turn your swimming pool or a patch of water into a dreamlike fantasy, the Pulcino is definitely worth a look. This beautiful item is available in several colours, from opaque hues to light ones; just contact us to find out more!

Alba: floor lamps and lights

After seeing his Alba vase awarded Design of the Year by the London Design Museum in 2014, Italian designer Massimiliano Adami decided to develop his idea further. This is how he gave birth to the Alba Floor Lamp, which are perfect to colourfully yet gently illuminate your surroundings, either indoors or outdoors. These multi-coloured lamps are available in 6 different shades and will beautifully complement any space. If you are looking for a ceiling lamp for your veranda, your living room or a bedroom, have a look at the Alba ceiling lamp. This beauty is also available in 6 quirky combinations of colours: Red/Fuchsia, Yellow/Blue, Fuchsia/Orange, Navy/Blue/Natural, Fuchsia/Green/Blue and Orange/Fuchsia/Yellow.

We can’t wait to see what other wonders Serralunga has in store for us, can you? If this makes you hungry for more adorable furniture to light up your summer evenings you can find a wide range of Serralunga creations in our Barnes showroom, so feel free to visit us for more illuminated sculptures and designs!

10th July 2015

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