Cane-Line outdoor furniture: Danish style at its best

Cane-Line outdoor furniture: Danish style at its best

At Barbed we've always enjoyed watching the innovations developed by Danish designer Cane-Line, and each year we showcase the latest collection in our South West London showroom, so we've decided to go one step further and include the full range of Cane-Line products we offer in our online shop. Summer is in full swing, so there’s never been a better time to familiarise yourself with the wide variety of garden furniture items created by Cane-Line!

Pick your style!

There are six types of materials used to create Cane-Line furniture, so you just have to pick the one that suits your outdoor area and your personality. Some types of material also lend themselves to certain types of furniture, so you can mix and match steel or aluminium tables with woven chairs for instance.

Closer to nature: Teak & Cane

If you like your furniture to look natural and you’re after some traditional wooden furniture, you definitely want to have a peek at products in teak. The new Amaze range, which boasts a classic design with a modern touch, or the Core range, which artfully mixes teak and aluminium, are perfect for garden lovers who want to feel closer to nature while knowing that their furniture is hard-wearing and weather-resistant.

If you want the natural look but prefer contemporary materials, the Cane-Line Weave will make you rejoice. Made of polyethylene, this fibre looks like rattan and is woven like it, but boasts a higher level of durability and resistance to the elements. This also means that it will maintain its shape for years. The Newman chairs, the Brighton chairs, the romantic Derby chairs and the gorgeous Lansing range are perfect examples of stylish woven furniture that will last for years on end.

Shiny and sturdy: Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Metal is a classic material when it comes to garden furniture. The frames of the furniture made of Cane-Line Weave are generally made from stainless steel, but you can also find this durable material in their table collections as well. These collections include the Share dining table, a no-nonsense table all in stainless steel, or the Pure table, highly modern with a steel base and fibre concrete top. If you like the Share table but prefer aluminium, check out the whole Share range as items are offered in either of the two metals. Aluminium generally makes for lighter furniture than stainless steel, which is why it is the material of choice for the Chill-Out tables and the new Cut bar table and stools.

Warm and comfortable: say yes to fabric

Once upon a time, people wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving fabric furniture outdoors. Now we have the Cane-line designers and innovations team to thank for weather-resistant garden furniture made from fabric, with foam that dries quickly and is mould resistant. Some collections use cold foam (still durable and soft) but they would need to be stored indoors under heavy downpours. Cane-Line Tex, and Cane-Line’s brand new, exclusive Soft-Touch fabric are both hard-wearing and so enticing that you won’t want to leave your garden ever again! Ranges such as Cave, Conic and Rest have sunbeds, loungers, seats and sofas all made from Tex, while the Diamond range boasts furniture in either Tex or Weave. That’s the beauty of Cane-line products, you can mix and match the cushions and fabrics to find the combination that suits your lifestyle.

Elastic and soft: Rope

Cane-Line Rope is another material unique to the Danish manufacturer. This woven fibre combines a core of Cane-Line Weave with a thermoplastic fibre covering, which results in an elastic material. Furniture made from Cane-Line Rope, such as the Edge range or the Straw chairs, is not only elegant, it also has a soft texture, and the elasticity of the material makes for very comfortable upholstery.

Low maintenance and easy care

Cane-Line products are treated to be durable and weather-resistant of course, and the aluminium is powder-coated to withstand scratches and knocks, but it never hurts to take a little care of your outdoor furniture to make it last longer. The beauty of Cane-Line furniture is that it has never been so easy to maintain your furniture! A little soap, a soft sponge and lukewarm water are enough to clean it, and placing your cushions in an upright position when it rains will allow for better and quicker drainage.

We do understand that you may not want to clean your furniture at all, or to go outside to move your cushions when it rains. This is why Cane-Line also offers a variety of covers to protect your furniture and make your life even easier! Furthermore, if you have cushions you’d like to store in a stylish way, let the Skye Box do the job!  Available in various sizes, it will allow you to keep your cushions protected when you’re not using them.

Everything for your outdoors!

Cane-Line offers more than ‘just’ garden tables, chairs, sofas, deckchairs or parasols. Whether you’re after an outdoor rug (Defined), an outdoor lamp (Drum), a tray (Club), an outdoor shower (Richmond), a Bar table or a BBQ trolley (Henley), if you love Cane-Line you can get pretty much everything you may want for your garden through them. This way you can be sure your furniture and accessories all have that Danish style we love so much! 

24th July 2015

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