The ultimate sun loungers for your garden

The ultimate sun loungers for your garden

Who doesn't like to rest in the sunshade? This may not be a British pastime that we can enjoy very often, however, it's a delightful one! A good book, a nice drink and a comfy lounger can make for a perfect summer's day, don't you agree? At Barbed we have some elegant deck chairs alongside some unique sun loungers which will definitely make a statement in your outdoor area!

If you want a sun lounger with a twist, check out what we have in store (pun intended!) for you:

Fermob Osmose

The Fermob Osmose hammock is one of Fermob’s latest creations, and one we’ve been longing for since February last year! We have to admit, it was well worth the wait! This elliptic piece of outdoor furniture is absolutely fascinating, all in curves and grace – and highly comfortable on top of it! The steel frame makes the Osmose sturdy and safe, while the tear-proof Outdoor Technical Fabric allows you to rest and relax cosily. Weighing 25kg, the Osmose is mobile and easy to move. What’s more, since it’s self-supporting, you don’t need to hang this hammock anywhere, and if you orientate it properly, you can even be protected from the sun by its top.

Gandia Blasco Stack Highback

Since we’ve opened the first Gandia Blasco online shop, we can’t wait to help you discover all the incredible designs brought to us by the Spanish designer! Today we’d like to introduce Gandia Blasco’s take on sun loungers: the Stack Highback. Combine a stylish footstool (which can also double up as a side table) with a Stack Highback Armchair and you have a gorgeous, slick deck chair to rest blissfully in the shade. Like every item from the Stack collection, the lounger is stackable, making it easy to store. We particularly love the smooth curves of the Stack Highback, which embrace the lines of your body, for a comfy time outdoors!

Cane-Line Conic sunbed – on wheels!

We love the Cane-Line Conic range for its modular characteristics and therefore the endless opportunities you have to create a lounge space in the garden – and to modify it according to your needs! What makes the Conic sunbed SoftTouch and the Conic sunbed Tex unique is the presence of two wheels that allow the lucky user to move it around painlessly. If you like changing spots while sunbathing, to keep in or out of the shade for instance, or if you need to move your furniture regularly for some reason, the Conic sunbed is perfect for you! Finally, the sun lounger boasts cushions made of Cane-Line Tex fabric with QuickFry foam, which means it is virtually maintenance free!

Fatboy Headdemock

The Fatboy Headdemock may be another hammock, but it’s definitely not just any other hammock! Self-supporting like the Osmose, the Headdemock’s most attractive feature is its size. It’s not particularly heavy, at 24.5kg, but it is definitely large, being big enough to welcome 2 to 3 people, for a total of 200Kg. Whether you want to use it to gather your children and read them a story before their nap, or to snuggle with your other half, the Headdemock is a great contender if you’re looking for a sun lounger with a difference. Since it is fully collapsible, it is also very easy to travel with and to store.


Which one do you prefer? The curvy Osmose Hammock, the slick Highback Lounger, the elegant Conic Sunbed or the giant Headdemock? Feel free to browse our whole sunlounger collection for more! 

12th June 2015

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