Another GROW London comes to an end

Another GROW London comes to an end

GROW London has come and gone once again, and we have been blown away by the positive response we've received by all who came to see us. We met so many people who came in not knowing what they were looking for, but left having fallen in love with all that we at Barbed had to offer!

A unique experience for everyone

It’s clear that a lot of people enjoyed seeing our range of furniture as much as we enjoyed displaying it. The Fermob Tablabri table and Louisiane bench were particularly popular – who doesn’t like clever and stylish metal furniture? Families and children took an immediate liking to the Pulcino and Doggy sculptures by Serralunga, proving that adorable animals are always in style, and one dog even wouldn’t budge from one of our Pappelina outdoor rugs!

Everyone’s tastes may differ, but one item that was a clear favourite with all of our visitors was the Ohlala Watering Can; being stylish while gardening is definitely this year’s biggest trend! 

Sharing the love

We obviously love all of the furniture and accessories we brought with us to GROW, but we’re glad not to be the only ones, as proven by the fact that several of our pieces were highlighted in the media and online.

We got some attention from the press, with The Telegraph which seemed impressed with our collection, particularly with our Sika-Design Fox Chair and our range of Fermob Bellevie furniture. Pattie Barron, of the Evening Standard, also wrote about us during the run-up to the fair, and took a definite liking to Fermob’s metal planters.

The author of award-winning blog Little Big Bell visited our stand and mentioned our Garden Glory Hoses and Ohlala Watering Cans in her article on the best things she saw at GROW. We would love to hear from anyone else who wrote about, or took pictures of, our furniture during GROW, be it on FacebookTwitter, or Google+ so feel free to share them with us!


We are already eagerly anticipating GROW 2016! We had a wonderful time and would like to give our sincerest thanks to all the staff who made us feel at home, and also to everybody who came to visit our display. If you want more information on any of the products that we featured, please contact us, or if you want to browse our other furniture, visit our online store! 

26th June 2015

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