Save the date, GROW London is back!

Save the date, GROW London is back!

The sunny season is coming, and with it, the second edition of GROW London! This means that if you loved it last year, you'll be dying to see what the organisers have in store for us this year, and if you missed it, now is your chance to enjoy this fabulous event. Mark your calendars, and tell everyone to join you from 19th to 21st June, you’re invited to GROW London!

What makes GROW London unique?

1)      It’s Will Ramsay’s baby

You may not know him by name, but you most certainly know another event he created. Indeed, Will Ramsay is the founder of the famous – and unique - Affordable Art Fair, which showcases the best of contemporary art and design, with now shows worldwide. Cherry on the top, garden event specialist Thérèse Lang lent Will her expertise to make GROW London an unforgettable fair.

2)      It’s inclusive, for professionals and amateurs alike

Flower shows are beautiful, design shows are amazing, and furniture fairs are fantastic, so what can we say for a fair that meets all three descriptions? GROW London is just that: a fabulous event that is perfect not only for professional gardeners and people with a green fingers, but also for design and furniture lovers! Whether you’re after seeds for your garden, that perfect outdoor bench, or simply some inspiration, GROW has something for everyone.

3)      It’s in Hampstead Heath

If you live in London we probably don’t need to say any more, but if you’re not from the area, or you’re a bit fuzzy about the details, here’s what you need to know about Hampstead Heath: it’s stunning! Easily accessible by the Underground, the park is a breath of fresh air, a real piece of countryside in the big city. Covering 320 hectares, Hampstead Heath is a refuge for wildlife, boasting several ponds, woodland, shrubs and hedgerows. It also offers various activities, from tennis and rugby to cricket and bowling – and the odd contemporary garden fair, of course!

What do we have in store for you?

After the Barbed team had such an amazing time last year at GROW London, we obviously had to come back for seconds. Have you noticed how Fermob’s Verbena matches the GROW London branding perfectly? That’s a sign the event is perfect for us, don’t you think? Joking aside, when you come to see us you will find some striking Fermob garden furniture in Verbena, such as Luxembourg chairs and Alizé side tables. We will also feature some of our favourite garden accessories, namely the very glamour garden hoses and wall mounts by Swedish company Garden Glory. On top of that, we’ll bring in some Ester & Erik taper candles in Turquoise, and a few birdhouses – among other things!

Have we whet your appetite? We hope so! GROW London is definitely worth scheduling in, and fingers crossed, the weather will be glorious to make your day even better. Remember: GROW London, Hampstead Heath, 19-21 Junes 2015, doors open at 11am. Buy your tickets now!

Posted by Iconography Ltd
27th March 2015
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