Meet our latest outdoor furniture suppliers

Meet our latest outdoor furniture suppliers

In our last blog we discussed the trends to look forward to in 2015 and the lovely new colours that will hit the world of contemporary outdoor furniture. While we're excited about what the new year will bring us in terms of new and creative designs, here at Barbed we believe that the best way to acquire an eclectic mix of outdoor items (or indoor ones, for that matter) is to travel the world and draw inspiration from our trips and going wherever the road takes us to discover new talents. We’re always happy to expand our collection of furniture and to use our Barnes showroom to showcase the furniture companies and designers we love. Without further ado, we invite you to discover the latest products and manufacturers you will have the opportunity to see in our showroom and our online shop:

Fermob’s Pièces rapportées

Starting with a well-known Barbed favourite, this new year we will not only see the Fermob colour chart reach 26 colours, but we will also witness the growth of Fermob’s “Pièces rapportées” line, created by a talented small textile design agency from Lyon. Following the extraordinary success of the Fermob Trèfle range, comprised of delightful outdoor cushions and flowery rugs, Fermob has decided to expand their collection. Indeed, 2015 will see new accessories and soft furnishings join the Trèfle family, alongside new, exclusive colours, new cushion designs, handy trays and even another rug. Moreover, a new Cabanon range of cushions, trays, fouta towels and beach bags is expected to be launched this year, combining indoors and outdoors just like we love!

Italian outdoor furniture: Ethimo

We are delighted to announce that we are the first UK retailers for Ethimo, an Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer established in Milan over 30 years ago and which is now on its way to conquering the world of garden furniture! The Italian company offers a range of stylish outdoor items including chairs and tables, but also featuring lamps and much more, made in various materials, from teak and painted mahogany to terracotta and metal. Ethimo has also developed its own custom-made, recyclable outdoor fibre that looks like wicker, and its own waterproof and UV-resistant outdoor fabric.

Portuguese garden furniture: My Face

Another of our new suppliers is European company My Face, which comes to Barnes straight from Portugal. We love the genius style of their creations and the sleek design of the furniture they manufacture, such as the Pearl Sofa or the Houdini armchair which are an ideal choice for brightening up a patio or terrace. My Face uses mostly acrylic and stainless steel (sometimes gold-plated or copper-plated) to create their outdoor chairs and sofas, but they also mix these materials with Portuguese marble to craft some wonderful low and dinner tables.

Scandinavian outdoor furniture: Sika Design

Rattan is back, and we have Scandinavian house Sika Design to thank for bringing the material back to the forefront of garden furnishings. They have absolutely lovely café furniture, classic chairs, sofas and tables, alongside original creations, but most importantly, Sika Design have given their iconic Egg Hanging Chair a second life by creating an outdoor version of Nanna Ditzel’s original 1959 design. If you visited our winter wonderland you’ve already had the opportunity to see the hanging egg chair and the chance to try it out (and maybe you’ve already fallen in love with it!). The egg chair is made of rattan so it meets contemporary requests for sustainable products, while being timeless, beautiful to look at, and also comfortable. What more can we ask for?

How do you like our latest furniture suppliers? Are you looking forward to discovering them? If you’re a designer with products that would feel at home in our showroom don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d be happy to make your acquaintance. And if you’re a contemporary furniture lover looking for wonderful, eclectic designs, feel free to drop by our showroom or visit our online shop – we promise you won’t regret it!

13th February 2015

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