5 essential garden accessories

If you’re passionate about your garden then we’re sure you put a great deal of time, effort and funds into making it the perfect outdoor space for you. Combining colours, styles and shapes all help to add character and personality to your garden. These are usually achieved through flowers, plants garden furniture and landscaped garden designs - but something that’s often overlooked or left to the last minute is garden accessories. When you’ve spent so much time making your garden look perfect, you want to ensure your garden accessories look the part as well!

Garden accessories not only add style, but also mean that your outdoor space possesses some of the latest garden gadgets, must-have items or outdoor solutions to make your life a little easier.

If you’re keen to discover some accessories that could be ideal for your garden, then read on to learn about 5 that we’d recommend.

Quality dining set

Enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors is difficult to beat. Investing in a high-quality outdoor dining set will provide you with somewhere comfortable to relax and socialise with friends and family time after time. Choosing a dining set that is the perfect style for your own outdoor space, as well as being made with the best materials and craftsmanship is sure to serve you well over the years. Ok, this may not be the ideal time of year we hear you say - but we can tackle that problem quite well with our next outdoor accessory!

Garden fire pit

An outdoor firepit is an incredibly useful addition to any garden, as it provides a source of heat and light that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in the colder autumn and winter months. Pairing your firepit with a comfortable set of outdoor garden chairs or an outdoor sofa is a great idea to help you create an outdoor area that you’ll enjoy relaxing in well into the evening.

Planters for flowers

Adding colour and vibrancy to your garden is easily achieved with a variety of flowers, but why not display them in a beautiful way with a few garden planters? Available in a range of colours, they are a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your garden and show-off your latest bloom.

Bird feeder

For bird lovers, a bird feeder is an essential accessory. There are a wide variety available and they are a wonderful way to attract nature into the garden giving you a much closer look at our feathered friends. Some are made from clear plastic and stick to the outside of the window - perfect for small gardens or those with just a patio or balcony space. While those with extra room could purchase a larger freestanding version.

Garden storage

One problem that many people face is where to put garden items. From garden tools through to magazines that you like to enjoy reading outdoors, garden storage solutions such as a weatherproof storage box or an outdoor shelving system can prove to be incredibly useful. They can also add a touch of style, meaning they are more than just a practical accessory.

Here at Barbed, we offer a huge range of stylish garden accessories from a variety of international designers. Feel free to browse our products online, or pop into our Chiswick outdoor furniture showroom in London for a closer look at everything we have to offer.

17th October 2020

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