Halloween ideas for your garden

Halloween ideas for your garden

Halloween is just around the corner as we near the end of October, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to put together a few ideas that can help you decorate your garden for the occasion and make it a frightfully good night to remember. People love to decorate the interior of their homes with pumpkins, cobwebs and other Halloween related accessories, but you shouldn’t forget about the impact of decorating your outdoor spaces as well!

Your garden makes for a fantastic entertaining area that’s perfect for throwing a Halloween party, so it would be a shame to miss out on putting it to good use.

Halloween dining table and moody outdoor lighting

Dressing a large garden dining table with pumpkin decorations, spooky accessories, a skull candle and a Halloween themed table runner is the perfect place to start. You can also make use of outdoor side tables and shelving units that you may have on or against exterior walls by decorating them with Halloween accessories as well.

Outdoor lighting is very important when it comes to transforming your garden from a cosy outdoor space to a creepy and haunting welcome. Table lamps, lanterns in trees and strategically placed candles can help create the scary mood you’re looking for with Halloween items and goodies nearby - just be sure to take extra precaution with regards to safety and steer clear of any potential fire hazards.

Frightening exterior wall and window displays

If you have a large outside wall then this could provide a fantastic place to make a scary display with spiders, cobwebs and all things Halloween, and a place to display a banner welcoming guests to the party or for menus to be displayed with food and drink that has the ingredients to brew up a spooky beverage!

There are also “pin the tail” type games such as “pin the bow on the skeleton”, and this could be the perfect place for a game like this. You could also allocate a nearby table for other Halloween fun and games. After all, no Halloween party is complete without some apple bobbing!

Windows also provide a prime opportunity for different displays, and specialist window decorations can help ensure they are well prepared for the night ahead. Hiding things behind plants and doors can also be a good idea to give your guests a fright when they least expect it.

Spooky garden graveyard

If you have a lawn in your garden, then why not place some foam tombstones on the grass and create a spooky graveyard? The kids and your guests are sure to love it, and there are plenty of different things on the market that are designed to enhance the spookiness, such as life-sized skeletons and battery-operated ghouls and ghosts.

We hope some of these Halloween ideas can help inspire you to enjoy a great evening with friends and family in the garden! If you need more inspiration for luxury garden furniture and accessories ideas, then why not browse our collections online? Alternatively, we’d love to welcome you into one of our two London showrooms based in Barnes and Chiswick.

26th October 2018

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