Revamp your garden in simple ways

Revamp your garden in simple ways

Whether indoors or outdoors, change can be a good thing. This can certainly ring true when it comes to transforming your garden, and sometimes simple alterations or additions can make a big difference. You can rid your outdoor space of drab décor and instead welcome things like fresh seasonal flowers, pristine hedges, stylish garden furniture collections, colourful garden ornaments and outdoor items that produce the wow-factor. These simple things can breathe life into your garden once more, especially if it received extra wear and tear during the recent summer months.

So, if a small garden makeover sounds ideal, then consider the following tips for a few simple ways to revamp your outdoor space:

Add a feature piece

We’re sure you want to feel proud of the garden you’ve created, and creating a feature is something you can appreciate as well as produce a sure-fire way to receive plenty of positive comments from your guests. A stunning feature can take centre stage and provide a real talking point in any garden. This could be a relaxing water feature to add ambience and a new dimension to your garden, or a dazzling piece of furniture that separates your garden from the rest, like a stylish garden hammock or a decorative hanging chair.

Experiment with shapes

One simple way to jazz up your garden is by experimenting with shapes. To do this, you could craft your lawn into a defined shape, such as a square or circle, or get a little creative with any hedges that you may have. You could also introduce shapes to the garden in the form of garden furniture. A perfect example of this could be the Cama Chill Redonda Round Bed by Gandia Blasco - comfort, style and shape all in one!

Decorate with colour and light

Painting a wall or fence with bold colours, or building a floral wall covered with brightly coloured flowers can bring significant life to your garden. Clever outdoor lighting can also look stylish and classy when placed around a dining area or within a cosy corner. This can be perfect for hosting friends when the natural light has faded. There are a wide variety of lighting options to suit your needs, ranging from small candles and table top lamps to taller freestanding lights.

A spot for growing

Transforming the way you actually use your garden can also be achieved with a sustainable vegetable patch or herb garden. Having the ability and set up to grow your own fruit and vegetables is a fantastic way to utilise your outdoor space and make it so much more than just a place to unwind.

If you’re eager to transform your garden, then why not call into one of our Barbed showrooms in London? Based in both Barnes and Chiswick, we have a huge variety of garden furniture and accessories that can help you personalise your garden with luxurious style, comfort and simplicity.

19th October 2018

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