Spending autumn in the garden

Spending autumn in the garden

Shorter days and evenings may be fast approaching with the arrival of autumn, but that’s no reason to suddenly stop enjoying your outdoor time in the garden. With some well-thought preparation and creative inspiration, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space throughout autumn and beyond.

Here in the UK, designing a garden for year-round use can certainly be a challenge. The weather is something we know we’ll have to contend with, and it can prove highly unpredictable at the best of times - but we can at least be sure that the four seasons will indeed pass in their own time! To battle the weather and diminishing light we need practical solutions. Fortunately, the huge variety of contemporary garden furniture and accessories that we offer at Barbed means that practical doesn’t need to be boring.

Light up the garden

Outdoor lighting is an obvious practical solution as night begins to draw in much earlier than it has been, but it also helps with creating an atmosphere and calming ambience to your outdoor space. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden, including when you’re inside looking out!

With funky options such as Edison the Petit from Fatboy or the Garden Torch Vilda from Ester & Erik, as well as larger yet still versatile lighting options from Fermob, like the Balad Lamp Stand, you can think creatively about the way you choose to light up your garden as night falls.

Outdoor heaters to keep things cosy

Outdoor heaters can also help create a wonderful vibe and super cosy atmosphere in the garden, especially when they are in the form of the stylish Firepit Cast Iron Bowl or Firepit Dancook 9000 - the latter of which can also double up as a barbecue. We particularly love the autumnal idea of roasting some marshmallows on the firepit while unwinding under the moonlight.

Be sure to check out our range of blankets and outdoor carpets to help ensure you’re kept extra warm and comfy!

Flowers for the autumn

When it comes to flowers at this time of the year, some hardy perennials are available to help add colour and vibrancy as the green of the trees begin to fade away. The Sedum “Autumn Joy” is a perennial flower with a pinky-red flower head and looks fantastic during the season of autumn as this is the time they are blooming, while many other perennials are setting seed.

Others you could consider include Persicaria bistorta, Anemone “Honorine Jobert”, and the Aster “Little Carlow”, all gorgeous flowers and perfectly equipped for the autumn.

Hopefully, these ideas will provide you with the inspiration and knowledge you need to understand that your garden can still be appreciated and utilised despite the summer passing. We can’t help with a decline in the weather, but we can help with your choice of reliable weatherproof garden furniture and accessories! So, be sure to browse our collections online or call into one of our London showrooms based in Barnes and Chiswick.

5th October 2018

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