Handy garden storage solutions

Handy garden storage solutions

Traditionally, garden equipment has always been kept in a shed, but sometimes there are items that we may prefer to have quick easy access to but without having them on display when not in use. Small garden tools that are used on a daily basis, for example. Some gardens are also too small to accommodate a shed, especially here in London where outdoor space is often at a premium, so in this case finding small garden storage solutions can prove incredibly useful.

Fortunately, here at Barbed we offer a number of alternatives that can help ensure your garden is well-kept and clutter free.

Outdoor shelving systems

The Copenhagen Rack by Danish outdoor furniture designers Cane-Line is the perfect way to hang coats, hats, scarves and the like in your garden - ok, you wouldn’t normally keep these things in a shed, but other stuff like small garden spades or forks could also be stored on this rack instead. It’s made from aluminium and is a sturdy weatherproof option, which requires very little maintenance. It’s a perfect storage solution that attaches to an outdoor wall and keeps things stylish.

Alternatively, the FLAT shelving system designed exclusively by Mario Ruiz for Gandia Blasco is part of their ever-popular FLAT collection, and offers a way to transfer classic indoor shelves into your outdoor setting. Its modularity means it can be pieced together in a variety of ways to suit your space and needs, and the units are made from welded thermo-lacquered aluminium sections and fully recyclable polyethylene, making it a beautifully contemporary and all-weather resistant choice.

Outdoor storage boxes

For a unique and functional way to store away small garden items you could consider the stylish Box. Produced in aluminium and teak, its perfect for both indoor and outdoor use for a variety of different purposes. The fact its both weather and water resistant mean its versatility makes it useful for anywhere around the home, from bathrooms and kitchens to your outdoor space. It can also be used in conjunction with the Copenhagen Bench and the Copenhagen Rack (that we highlighted above) as a drawer unit in a storage system, or simply just by itself as a free-standing storage box.

And as an alternative to that, how about a box on the wall? For this, look no further than the functional Box Wall. Available in black, white or aqua, these box walls can be placed wherever and however takes your fancy. They could be affixed to the wall in neat rows, or creatively put together in a pattern, providing you with a unique way to store or display things in an outdoor area. The same as all of our other outdoor storage solutions, the Box Wall is fully weatherproof and well-crafted with aluminium and teak. Combine them with any other Cane-Line products and you’re sure to have a garden that’s functional, tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer a wide range of designer garden furniture and outdoor accessories, so shop our collections online or call into one of our London showrooms and find the perfect solutions for you and your outdoor space.

24th August 2018

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