Making the most of your garden this summer

Making the most of your garden this summer

At this time of the year a garden can be a summer haven, providing us with the perfect setting for working on a tan, enjoying family get-togethers and whiling away quiet evenings with a glass of wine. 

If you look around your garden, what do you see? Is it well prepared for these summer months, or is it look a little lacklustre? If it’s the latter, you can take action now before the summer is out. A few small changes can help transform your outdoor space into an idyllic setting that you and the entire family can enjoy.

Add colour with flowers

A well-maintained garden is something that people will always appreciate and pass comment on, and it’ll be a place that people will want to congregate so they can enjoy its sights. One of the best ways to add aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space is by adding splashes of vibrant colour in the form of flowers. Gardening in itself is highly enjoyable and if you’re not a seasoned gardener already, why not give it a try? 

If you don’t have any flower beds then consider some planters instead, as these can look mighty impressive and go a long way towards helping brighten up a bland looking space, while giving you the opportunity to grow some colourful flowers or try your hand at growing some edible plants!

Revamp your garden furniture

For many, the garden is a social space, and for this garden furniture is essential. People need somewhere to sit, whether it’s to relax, dine or socialise. An ideal way to cater for all three of these is by investing in a selection of different seating options - outdoor dining chairs, lounge chairs, benches and even an outdoor sofa are a few that could be considered. It’s always worth adding a dining table to accompany the dining chairs as this provides you with the option of dining al fresco on a pleasant day. 

If you already have outdoor furniture that you’re happy with, then freshening them up with some new cushions and blankets can give a new lease of life as well as make them a lot more comfortable to enjoy - especially in the evening when the temperature drops.

Dabble with some landscape gardening

If you happen to have a little extra free time available, and a spending pot that’s burning a hole in your pocket, you could always try a little landscape gardening. This could be something as simple as adding a small feature, such as a bird fountain or an exciting hanging chair, to creating a footpath through some foliage or digging up a spot for a small pond. You could even consider adding a decked area to your outdoor space to give the garden an extra dimension.

Enjoy summer nights with outdoor lighting

Here at Barbed, we offer a wide variety of garden lighting solutions, including candles designed for outdoor use. Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful sunset by yourself or hosting a lively soiree, outdoor lighting can help create the perfect ambiance for the evening. From table top lighting and free-standing lamps, there really is no excuse to call an end to outdoor enjoyment just because nightfall has arrived.

Whatever your garden furniture needs may be this summer, we’re sure to have something for you at one of our London based showrooms in Barnes and Chiswick. Pop along and check out the exciting collections we have from a whole host of innovative international designers.

10th August 2018

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