Tips for hosting a garden party

Tips for hosting a garden party

Now that the British summertime is in full-swing, garden parties must surely be at the forefront of your mind? Being tasked with planning a garden party can seem a little stressful - especially if it means you’ll be on the lookout for appropriate garden furniture or accessories that can comfortably cater to everybodies needs. The unpredictability of the British weather also doesn’t help matters!

Fortunately, no matter what size your garden, these tips will help you transform your outdoor space into the perfect setting for your garden party.

Be prepared, come rain or shine

The volatile nature of British weather is no secret. From glorious sunshine to a bucket full of rain, it can change quite drastically from one day to the next, which can make planning a garden party rather tricky. It’s worth keeping a close eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to the party. If rain or showers are likely, you could invest in a large parasol or two as they can help keep you and your guests well sheltered - the same applies with sunshine, as it’ll also be important to protect your guests from sunburn if you’re lucky enough to have perfect blue skies.

Aberdeen Parasol with Crank by Cane-Line next to a swimming pool

The garden bar

You can’t call a garden party a garden party without an on-hand garden bar. Every party guest will be wanting to enjoy a nice, cool drink, so ensuring you have a good supply of ice and a cooler will be paramount to keeping everyone happy!

We have plenty of table options here at Barbed that are designed to make mixing drinks a breeze, such as the Gandia Blasco Mesa Bar high table. You could also consider an outdoor trolley to help transport and store the bottles and mixers.

Luxembourg trolley by Fermob next to a swimming pool

Serve up tasty food

Just as important as the drinks menu is the food menu, and the perfect way to serve up super tasty food all afternoon is by cooking up a feast on the barbecue. Burgers and hotdogs will always go down well, along with a salad selection and a tasty vegetarian option.

The main food is vital, but so are the snacks! You’ll need enough to keep everyone going throughout the duration of the party, so placing some hot and cold nibbles on display and keeping them topped up should mean you can’t go wrong.

Gas Grill BBQ at sunset

Comfortable seating

Your guests are going to be mingling and chatting away all day, so ample, comfy outdoor seating is essential for a garden party. The dining is likely to be done on an outdoor dining table and chairs set, but having some outdoor lounge chair options, or even a garden sofa, will also be handy - particularly if you’re expecting a few older friends or relatives and want to be sure they are completely comfortable throughout. Add some throws and cushions to the garden furniture, and scatter some across the lawn or patio for the kids and you should be all set.

Conic daybed module sofa by Cane-Line on a rooftop

If you’re plotting an upcoming garden party, then why not call into one of our London showrooms? We’re based in both Barnes and Chiswick and have a wide range of luxury garden furniture items that can ensure your garden party oozes style, comfort and a whole lot of fun!

20th July 2018

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